Friday, February 29, 2008

Janelle Fishman Plays Perky Peekaboo for Von Unwerth

Ellen von Unwerth's photography again.

We met her Baroness in December, and here she is again (she's Janelle Fishman).

Mila Kunis - Wallpaper

A year ago (almost) we got a recommendation via email and posted Mila Kunis. But we haven't seen her since.

Here's a 1024 x 768 wallpaper for you. Complete with brows.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caroline Trentini in Chinese Vogue

We're not actually fans of Brazil's supermodel Caroline Trentini. However, this editorial in Chinese Vogue (Chinese Vogue?!) has those brows painted on good and strong.

Audrey Sarrat: Sous le Sourcil

We could go into some detailed explanation about who Audrey Sarrat is and why you need to know about the French television show Sous le Soleil (Under the Sun), or M6 and all that ... but it's late, and we're tired, so just enjoy the photos.

Anne Hathaway as Agent 99

We have already expressed our regard for the new Anne Hathaway. She's back, now in the big budget film version of Get Smart. Here's a teaser poster:

And here are two not-so-great screens I grabbed from the so-called hi-def trailer (is it just me, or are high definition trailers usually just bigger low definition clips?). Not the best, but hey – it's more than you had ten seconds ago:

OK, that last shot has not a lot of eyebrow in it, but I know from your emails that you like Anne for more than just her eyebrows. So there you go.

Scroll-down Public Relations Pitch o' the Day: We were looking for a good comparison picture of the original Agent 99, Barbara Feldon. But in every photo we found, her eyebrows were obscured with those '60s-style bangs. Too bad.

We did find this, however. It's from a PR agency in Australia. The outfit is called Agent99 PR. They don't have anything on their web site, but there's an email address and phone number.

Who knew?! I hope they get some business from this posting. I love the illustration:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Camera? Check! Eyebrows? Czech!

I was looking for something completely else, not even eyebrow-related (shame on me!), and I stumbled across the photos of Czech camera man Gabriell Pataky. A link to his gallery is down below.

Great stuff!

Love it.

Here's some more of his stuff.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suicide Girl: Hunter Returns

In March of 2007 we visited briefly with Hunter from Suicide Girls. At the time we said,
We hope she eventually pays as much attention to grooming her other hairstyles as she does to managing her brows.

It's a jungle out there.
She just posted a new set, and there's good news and bad news. The bad news is, she is still firmly in the "natural" camp down there. But the good news more than makes up for it: She's a sexy, sassy SG with good raw eyebrow material and a cute photoset.

Thanks Hunter!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Alice Braga Brows

You might have seen Brazil's Alice Braga in City of God, in Crossing Over, or in I Am Legend. Now she's in a David Mamet film: Redbelt.

Here are some shots I captured from the hi-def trailer:

Click 'em, they grow.

Scroll-down family tree branch: Alice's maternal aunt is Sonia Braga, who somehow managed to get banged by both David Lee Roth and Robert Redford.

La Vie en Brows: Marion Cotillard

Congratulations to French actress Marion Cotillard for her Academy Award! As Fabsugar showed on her blog, Mlle. Cotillard looked nice on the red carpet and has fully recovered from having her eyebrows shaved off (quelle horreur!) to play chanteuse Edith Piaf.

As for that fish-scale dress she wore, Blubrow wouldn't mind scaling and then boning her.

What? That's what you do to a fish.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

50 Years Ago: Academy Award for Best Picture

The Academy Awards are being handed out in about three hours from now.

In 1958 Leslie Caron starred as Gigi, causing Maurice Chevalier to remark, "zank evven for leetle gurhls."

Gotta love the poster:

And if you're ignorant about Leslie Caron, you need to watch this clip, of her dancing in An American in Paris. That thing with the book...that made me fall in love with her!

Chevalier was right: Zank evven!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Audrey Tautou: Almost Priceless

While we're on about French films, do you recall Amélie (full name of the film in French is on the poster)?:

Ah...Audrey Tautou. I never saw Amélie, but her facial expressions on the posters and her stupid haircut made me not want to – despite her excellent browage. Now she's the standard Hollywood French hot chick in a slinky dress, so it's safe to check her out.

Let's take a look at some shots I grabbed from the hi-def trailer of the new film Priceless. I don't know what the plot is, but it looks like Breakfast at Tiffany's meets Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels.

I loved this next one, it's a classic French bouffée! If you know what that is, you'll appreciate the moment:

And for those of you who don't recognize her, I'd have to say that it looks like they tamed the brows (unnecessarily). If they hadn't...she really would be priceless.

Here's another look from recently....

We'll be seeing her again, I'm sure.

Tunisian-American Actress Audrey Dana

The latest hi-def trailers include a French flick called Roman de Gare. In it we find Audrey Dana, whose Tunisian father and American mother give new meaning to the phrase "African American."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thomas Schüpping, Part III

I introduced you to him last August, then we visited again in December.

Again, enjoy the photography of Thomas Schüpping.

And as always, click to enlarge.

Oh Man! Lohman!

We like to check in with Alison Lohman from time to time:

Here's a 10x8 wallpaper...Lolita Lohman?

Claudia Black Is Back

We used to watch Stargate SG-1 without fail. One reason? After Col. Jack "Macgyver" O'Neil left the cast, an alien named Vala Mal Doran, played by Aussie Claudia Black, kept things interesting:

She'll reappear for Stargate fans in the upcoming DVD release, Ark of Truth. Here's a highish rez still from that production....

The eyebrows have not returned to their Farscape-era intensity (which we have documented already), but they're better than they were when she appeared on Xena!:

Alexis Dziena's Eyebrows

If you ever have a couple of hours of free time and have the opportunity to watch a Jim Jarmusch film called Broken Flowers, take my advice and don't bother.

You won't regret it!

Plot: This one guy, Bill Murray, plays the same guy he plays in that film directed by some chick, and then there's a parade of women who are incredibly annoying (Tilda Swinton, Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange) and then at the end nothing is resolved.

In the middle, a 20 year old character named – get this – Lolita (subtle!!!) walks around completely nude and provokes the Bill Murray guy. And guess what? That's the highlight of the film.

Why? Well for one thing, she's nude. And twenty. And for another, she's Alexis Dziena (say daZEEna). And her eyebrows are on display at the bottom of this post.

Last thing. Dziena cemented her career with this and several other shrewd moves, resulting in her appearance in Fool's Gold. The photo below is from the premiere.

Can Oscar™ be far behind?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Like It Hot. Others Like Lohan.

When she's not placing blame for Heath Ledger's death, train wreck Lindsay Lohan is creepily channeling other train wrecks. This week it's Marilyn Monroe (this is Marilyn week at Blubrow, I swear).

Bert Stern's famous "Last Sitting" with Monroe has been regurgitated to show the modern wannabe version in the buff. We'll let you discover all the afraidness such an encounter can engender. Click here. [NSFW]

Meanwhile, the backroom gang here at Worldwide Eyebrow HQ thinks Dina Lohan, the mom, has more of a Marilyn vibe going. What do you think?:

Scroll-down because I know you're wondering bonus: That's right, you're thinking, "I wonder what other uddercam pics he's got floating around?" Here's your answer...

Soapy Brows: Eileen Davidson

Eileen Davidson has been on a lot of popular daytime shows, such as The Young and the Restless, The Days of Our Lives, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

That last one is named after Eileen's eyebrows, I'm pretty sure:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Playboy Aliases: Margaret or Marilyn?

I mentioned the other day that I was going to go through the vintage Playboy centerfolds to see what goodies might be there. Here's Miss February 1954: Margaret Scott.

Now here's the funny thing. Margaret is also the Playmate of the month just two months later, April 1954. But this time she's using the name Marilyn Waltz. And she's blonder, I think:

And a year later, guess what? Marilyn Waltz returned, to become the first of only two three-time Playmates of the Month (and our second Playmate named Marilyn in a single weekend):

Who was the other three-time centerfold? Well if her eyebrows were any good, you'll find out soon. Stay tuned.

A Russian Lily

Here's Lily by Russian glamour photographer Pavel Biryukov.

There's another site with much of the same material, but you can learn some Russian in the bargain.

The Biggest Brows We've Seen

A faithful fan in the Western U.S. sends us this camera phone picture, explaining that this is the scene in a chain of salons that does nothing but thread eyebrows.

If the photos on the wall were life-sized, they could handle the two clients you see here and then take a few weeks off.

As it is, the whole eyebrow threading thing sort of freaks us out. We care less about how women make their eyebrows look great, than we do about how great the eyebrows look. But honestly, who even thought of that whole threading thing?

According to this video, it's "the Ancient Persian art" of eyebrow threading. Sounds like a load of crap to us, but whatever it is, it's a little freaky.