Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smorgasbrows: Keira, Filippa and Natalia

Much ado about something over at the eBeauty Daily blog! It all started when Keira Knightley showed up on the cover of the July, 2006 issue of InStyle Magazine. Blogger Christina Jones opened a can of tweezer-frenzied whupass on Keira, and now, 18 months and 41 comments later, the flames continue.

One guy complained that the people commenting on some actress's eyebrows need to "get a hobby." Dude! This is our hobby!

Meanwhile. Christina showed a Euclidean approach to Keira's unkempt brows:

All that haggling made us want to see a magazine cover with a little less eyebrow controversy. Say hello to Filippa Hamilton and Marie Claire:

Finally, is that Natalia Vodianova hiding behind some outrageous makeup? Hell yeah:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sherilyn Fenn Poster

After all these years, 43 year-old Sherilyn Fenn still gets people excited.

Scroll-down Baby Boomer Rock & Roll Trivia: Fenn's aunt is Suzi Quatro! Rock til ya drop!...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dubai Film Festival

The stars were out at the Dubai Film Festival recently. Unfortunately, we don't recognize any of them. Do you?

We did notice, however, that several of the folks there had bodacious eyebrows. And we're not just talking about the dude in the background of this photo:

No, we're talking about the two ladies, and these two, uh, ladies as well:

Even Harmid Karzai was there, with Martin Scorcese:

Anyway, once all the glitter had worn off, the best brow combo of the Festival belonged to this person, holding a poster of...herself in a by-gone era? Whatever it is, the brows are fab! We'll have her people call our people.

Scroll-down cross-legged panty-peekaboo pita-eating "blonde" du jour: At least she was wearing some.

FYI: All these photos were snapped by Iranian photojournalist Abbas. His Magnum slideshow is here. Great, intense stuff.

Headline News Anchor Richelle Carey

Here's a headshot of CNN Headline News talking head Richelle Carey. She hangs out with Erica Hill.

Good strong brows.

Brows & Boobs, Part II

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about fashion models who 1) had great eyebrows and 2) had exposed themselves. I didn't go into much detail, really, but I probably left the impression that this happens only inadvertently. Of course, most of the time you see nipples on the catwalk, it's intentional.

Here are further examples of the times when you can't decide whether to check out the brows, or check out the boobs. Fortunately for you, these models will hold perfectly still after you click on their photos to view them full size.

Monday, January 28, 2008

"A pussycat is born to be whipped..."

That line from the Ed Wood-written 1965 horror-erotica flick Orgy of the Dead doesn't begin to convey just how mind-bogglingly awful this hilarious movie really is.

But like the poster says, it's got naked spirits and topless dancers! What more could you ask for? Throw in the Amazing Criswell (as the Emperor of the Night) and you've got a cult classic.

And here's busty Fawn Silver as Vampirella, in a black wig, doing her best to imitate Vampira. Close enough, and anyway, Fawn's eyebrows were better!

Now...for a teaser of just how bad the film really was, enjoy this clip... And turn up the sound.

Brooke Shields Meat Train

Here's a screenshot of the trailer and description for an upcoming film called The Midnight Meat Train, with Brooke Shields' eyebrows in a supporting role. Standard slasher stuff, courtesy of Clive Barker.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Photographer Natasha Gudermane

Usually we feature a photographer whose photos show women with noteworthy eyebrows. Today's posting is no exception, but there's a twist:

This is a self-portrait of photographer Natasha Gudermane. And as talented a photographer as she is, we wish she'd spend more time modeling so we could catch a clearer, more complete view of that face and those beautiful eyebrows.

Explore her website, newly re-launched, and enjoy the photos. We're a fan.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


This person is Pittsburgh-area graphic designer Justine Ezarik. The brows are not terrible (a little too much thinning, too soon). But I originally noticed her because she was the subject of a series of "news" stories in the last few months. Why?

She bought an iPhone and then got her first phone bill from AT&T, which was sent in a box, because it was more than 300 pages long. Her outrage at this waste of paper was perhaps justified, and yes, she turned it into a mini-campaign to get people to sign up for online billing for all their accounts - cell phone, utilities, banking, etc.

But if you watch the video clip embedded at the end of this posting, you will hear something remarkable. If you're like me, the first thing you'll say upon seeing this person is, "don't thin your eyebrows so much." The second thing is, "How does she get a phone bill 300 pages long?" Here's how:
35,000 text messages per month

OK, let's do the math.
  • Let's be charitable and say it's a month with 31 days, like this month. January.
  • That means she is sending 1,129 text messages every 24 hours.
  • Now let's be charitable and say that, since Justine seems like a "high energy" person, she only gets an average of 6 hours of sleep each night.
  • That leaves 18 waking hours each day in which to send texts.
  • Finally, let's divide. We get: 62 text messages every hour.
  • That's right, she's sending more than one text message a minute every minute she is awake.
I'll let you decide whether that should have been the topic of the news report. Right after you sign up for online billing.

Update: April 22, 2008
If the above posting didn't annoy you, then you need to read the latest about "iJustine."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photographer Jock Sturges on Film

Photographer Jock Sturges is someone you need to know about. I first saw his work when I came across this beautiful photograph of supremely-browed Belgian supermodel Anouck Lepère:

Now there's a film about Sturges' life and work. And the home page for the film is itself a work of beauty, complete with a lovely model sporting superb eyebrows:

Read the man's background, then check out the film's website.

Oh, make sure you watch the trailer too. I would embed the YouTube version, but it's inconsistently censored. We could get into a whole debate here about truth, beauty, and sex, but I'll let you all figure it out for yourselves.

Cuban-American Eyebrows

I like to watch the trailers for new movies. Here's one for a documentary called Shoot Down. If you click the picture below, it will give you the details, including a summary of what the film is about. And the fact that it's a mind-boggling one hour and fifty-four minutes long. Get me rewrite! Oh wait. Still on strike.

Clicking the picture below will also give you a closer look at the eyebrows on one of the people interviewed for the film.

Scroll-down studio pitch: "You'll love it! It's Scarface meets Firefox!"

The movie, not the browser. Sheesh. Never mind.

Lasik Makes Banner Ads 50% Clearer

Don't believe me? Check out the crystal clear eyebrows on this ad!

Note: This is a picture of an ad, not an actual ad. Clicking on this picture will open the picture in a new, ad-like window, but will not result in you "learning more." Offer not valid.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Natalie Wood: She Feels Pretty

Always worth another visit: the eyebrows of Natalie Wood.

Michelle Monaghan's Brow of Honor

Michelle Monaghan was in a film called Maid of Honor. Never heard of it? What a surprise.

Nonetheless, it's just a good enough pair of brows to justify this posting.

I hope.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

News Flash! Alison Lohman Still Cute

Here we are five weeks after I mentioned her, and Alison Lohman looks fab. And the writers are still on strike. Yay!

Scroll-down 'add 3 inches to your photo immediately!' bonus: That photo I posted in December was so delicious, we all crave more. Here's a different, more giant and more revealing version. Click.:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Isabel Lucas

When I was in Europe last fall, I watched a television show from Australia called Home and Away. One of the performers in the show is actress Isabel Lucas. I looked her up to check on those brows and they held up to scrutiny on both the TV show and the web.*

* A series of tubes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Three Graces

Which is your favorite? And why?

A Grace Kelly Triptych

Nadine Labaki, Actress and Director

From Lebanon comes a film called Caramel. As far as I can tell from the trailer, it's Fried Green Tomatoes meets Chocolat.

I am sure that there is a large audience of women out there who will enjoy watching men get their unibrows waxed. But gentlemen, if you do get dragged to this one, at least you'll have the opportunity to watch the actress-director Nadine Labaki in the movie.

You need some strong, quality eyebrows to do justice to those big brown eyes. And she manages quite nicely:

More here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Manuela Arcuri Scares Me A Little

Italian actress Manuela Arcuri. I am not ashamed to admit that I don't think I'd know what to do with all...that.

By the way, last April I posted a few photos of her. Here's the wallpaper that one of those photos evidently came from:

Photographer: Alexander Straulino

Alexander Straulino is a 34 year old photographer from Berlin. There's a strange beauty in his work that is both hard to pin down and very consistent. It works as art, it works as beauty photography, and if you're me (which I am), it works as erotic imagery as well. And it works as fodder for an eyebrow blog.

Put aside a chunk of time to view his web site. Then buy his books.

Here's a screen shot from the unfortunate Flash animation horror that is every artist's web site navigation scheme:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brows & Boobs, Part I

So here's the thing:
  1. We all know that a lot of fashion models cultivate a distinctive, exotic look. Being perfect is only viable for a couple of people in the industry. The rest need to look a little weird to get noticed. This is great, because an easy way to do that is to let your brows do the talking.

  2. We also know that a lot of so-called 'fashion-forward' looks entail see-through tops. That's just the way 6th Avenue likes to keep us interested. And most of us are OK with that.

  3. Finally, we are well aware that sometimes on the catwalk there's a wardrobe malfunction. The strap snaps, the zipper pops, or the tube top tumbles.
Put these three factors together and there's a measurable chance of seeing a fashion model with great eyebrows and little or no fabric above the navel.

And that's where your friendly neighborhood Blubrow blog steps in. This posting is for those of you who are eyebrow fans and afficionados of the Oops (aka the Nipslip) niche of softcore voyeurism.

Enjoy the brows and the boobs. More to come in future postings.

Click these images. They're big.

Scroll-down Cry for Help: I usually don't know the names of the models, but if you do and care to enlighten us, leave a comment.

Brows By The Book, and a Brazilian Bush. Sort Of.

On the Random House web site, there's a plug for Beautiful Brows by Nancy Parker:
How many times have you plucked, waxed, trimmed, stenciled, or penciled your eyebrows – or paid someone else to do it for you?
Well, since you asked, never. But that's not the point. Nancy Parker is the co-founder of There's some weird stuff going on there, but we figured in the interests of completeness, we should go on record with it.

Meanwhile, you don't just need a book – you need a "jam packed class" to become a Brow Master. A class packed full of jam sounds yummy, but wait – it's $449. We'll pass.

There's more on that site, but I got a little scared when they started in on the "hands on Brazilian waxing" class.

And believe it or not – not making this up – the instructor's name is Victoria Bush.

Monday, January 14, 2008

La Squeeze de Sarkozy: Carla Bruni

Oh la la.

Monsieur le Président Sarkozy de France is having trouble keeping his mind on politics. But "international affairs"? Pas de problème!

And here is the reason: 40ish Italian supermodel-turned-singer/songwriter Carla Bruni.

The pol and La Torinesa might even be married already!

If they are married, maybe the news will show up here.

All In The Family Scroll-Down Bonus: Carla's sorella is actress Valeria Bruni Tedeschi:

Ad: Busted Tees

I don't know if Busted Tees' t-shirts are funny or not. But I love the friend of a friend model they use for their online ads:

Camilla Belle, 10,000 BC

I saw the trailer for 10,000 BC in the theater recently, and although I had one video capture up on the blog back in July, I thought I'd drop in a couple more. Because Camilla Belle has spectacular eyebrows:

The film comes out in March.

Scroll-down blogging bonus: Camilla has been blogged recently at Styleshock, at Camilla Belle Fan, and at V-Style.