Saturday, May 31, 2008

Closing Out May: Claudia Black

It's been a great month for eyebrow blogging!

Claudia Black helps us say hello to June:

Chip Willis's Isabella Makes Your Weekend an Instant Success

If you find better photos than these of a more beautiful woman than Isabella this weekend, get down on your knees and thank your deity of choice.

For you will have been truly blessed:

Friday, May 30, 2008

I Want See the 50th Post This Month

We already acknowledged that the 1970s were pretty great for porn movie posters. But let's reinforce what you already know. Put down that reading material and direct your full attention to the blogger for this important message:

That's right. Another great poster. I am sure it was another great movie too.

Scroll-down Believe It Or Not Moment: This is the 50th post during May. We've shattered last November's record of 47 posts in one month. And May ain't over yet!

Brows & Boobs, Part VI

Back indoors we go, to see the models in their sheerness...

This one didn't convince me at first, but viewing full size showed me that she makes the most of a redhead's eyebrow lot in life. She's wearing Calvin Klein, by the way:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vodianova Cleans Up Nicely

Back in January I showed Natalia Vodianova looking "magique" (that's French for "freakish").

Here she is looking more like the supermodel you know and [want to] love:

McGinley-Inspired Sigur Ros Provides Free Song, Video, Eyebrows, More

Icelandic navel-gazing band Sigur Ros have a new song, called (appropriately) Gobbledigook. No word on whether the lyrics are in Hopelandish. Anyway, the mp3 is free to download, in exchange for your fake email address.

Also, there's a Quicktime video that goes along with it, which you can watch. It shows, as our new friends at Fleshbot put it, "skinny Calvin Klein ad dropouts." Pretty much says it all.

The good news is that they're naked, and if you squeamish types can get past the sausage parade, it features nipples and related stuff, including eyebrows. I am saving you the trouble of looking for the eyebrows, because I grabbed them as stills, which you see here.

If you want to see the nipples or penises, et cetera, you will have to watch the whole thing yourself. Watch it on the Sigur Ros site though, not on Fleshbot, where it's pixelated and whatnot. And good luck with that.

Scroll-down self-reference: The credits at the start of the video say that it was inspired by Ryan McGinley. If our loyal readers recognize that name, there's a reason for it. Is that chick Laura in the video? Meanwhile, I just liked this screen capture, so I'm sharing it:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey it's Hayden!

It's just been a while, and since we don't like the show Heroes or care about it at all, we're not frequenting web sites that might feature its stars.

Been hanging onto this one of Hayden Panettiere for a while:

Retro Porn Eyebrows: Loni Sanders

I'm always commenting that pornstars have horrible eyebrows (except for Sasha Grey), but a while back, Loni Sanders represented with some decent brows that weren't over-plucked:

Classy. The exclamation point really makes it work for me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Harlow (Shalom, not Jean)

Shalom Harlow, before she becomes so thin that we cannot locate her anymore.

Syndi from MPL Studios

Syndi shows up on one of those [NSFW] web sites that bills itself as presenting "artistic nudes," which is supposed to be "classy." In reality, it just means that the models are either outside, or holding some prop that is "old fashioned," and therefore "classy."

OK, enough "quotation marks."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: Sherilyn Fenn

In the US, on Memorial Day (today) we remember the men and women who have served in our country's armed forces.

So while we're remembering stuff.... Remember Sherilyn Fenn?

How could we forget?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Suicide Girl: Kayden

We like to check in with the Suicide Girls from time to time.

Here's Kayden. There are some nice eyebrows peeking through from behind those bangs!

Sandrine Holt: Fire Serpent

I was flipping channels and as I landed on the Sci Fi Channel, lo and behold, what did I see?

Blubrow's most searched-for fan favorite Sandrine Holt! She plays a character named Christina Andrews in this horrible made-for-TV flick in which, according to the interwebs, "alien creatures emerge from the sun and attack Earth." Lucky for us, Sandrine Holt emerges from somewhere and attacks back.

I went looking for production stills, but I can't find any. I did find a low-res trailer though, from which I captured the best of Sandrine's eyebrows:

I love her with the gun! OK, so she ain't nude, but we'll take it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Photographer: Grace Oh

Wow. Los Angeles-based photographer Grace Oh's galleries are so good, I'm actually willing to forgive the horizontal scrolling and link to her site!

Here are the site's best eyebrows, but click through for more portraits, for environmental nudes and some other studio stuff. Nice!

Russian Model Eugenia Volodina

It's worth firing up the full-size images by clicking on these catwalk shots of 24 year old Zhenya Volodina:

And here's a YouTube video showing her various incarnations (in Russian with subtitles). Check out the brows in the first minute's worth of images, even if you don't stick with the entire video (8:15, mostly about her family and childhood):

Scroll-down prize
: The Lagerfeld see-through blouse? 900 euros. What's inside it? Priceless.

I Wasn't Going To Do It, But Here's Miley Cyrus

I don't care about Miley Cyrus (or Billy Ray Cyrus, Hanna Montana, Joe Montana, Bananas Gorilla, or any of that crap).

Therefore, I've never really looked at her. But I saw a posting somewhere about her "scandalous" MySpace photos, and noticed a few things. First, I noticed that her eyebrows were within the bloggable range:

Second, I noted that people were "outraged" that this supposedly wholesome 15 year old Disney star was photographed in "sexy poses." Parents are forbidding their little girls to go see her in concert, even as you read this.

But here's the thing. I think parents should be way more concerned about what Miley is wearing when she's representing Disney (or Nickelodeon or whomever) than when she's trying to act grown up on MySpace. I offer one piece of evidence, then I rest my case:

Scroll-down stuff which is what you probably really wanted to see:

Kidman: From Australia, In Australia

Been a while since we saw Ms. Kidman and her eyebrows.

She's made a film which appears to be James Blondeless. It has something to do with Australia, and is called...Australia (coincidence? I think not!). Think Empire of the Sun meets Walkabout, but without Bruce Beresford and with Wolverine.

Here are some choice screen shots from the hi-res trailer. Click 'em to see them at 720p resolution:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Photographer: Jonathan Leder

I love the 35mm work and Polaroids on the web site of New York photographer Jonathan Leder. Awesome.

Asia Argento: Mother of Tears

This is odd. Italian director Dario Argento has once again directed a film starring his daughter, Asia Argento, but in this one she doesn't get raped and/or murdered. Go figure.

The film is Mother of Tears, and from the lo-def trailer, it looks pretty horrorish. Think Hills Have Eyes meets DaVinci Code. Ms. Argento recently told the NY Daily News that she won't be getting naked in any future movies:
"There's a limit," Argento says in a smoky voice on the phone from her home in Rome. "And luckily I'm getting more dignified and old as time goes on."
OK, getting older as time goes on. Got it. Makes sense. Meanwhile, here she is in the trailer, giving birth to one of those tears mentioned in the title:

And here she is either 1) getting her eye plucked out (just don't touch the eyebrows!), or 2) getting her lashes crimped:

And if a non-naked Asia Argento is not to your liking, the film also includes this trippy chick (is that Moran Atias?):

Scroll-down field guide - How to tell if your date is Asia Argento: These photos of Asia clearly indicate that if your date is spouting an angel from down under, she is Asia Argento:

Also, if (when viewed from behind) your date has these snakes climbing out of the most perfect ass you've seen in recent memory, she is probably Asia Argento:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Phoenix, in the Valley of the Eyebrow

We are getting a lot of mileage from vintage advertising recently posted to the awesome blog, Found in Mom's Basement. Below is a detail from a 1960 print piece meant to draw you to Phoenix, Arizona. Some relatives of mine took a trip there in 1961. I wonder if they were influenced by this very ad?

Obviously, we love the illustration, but you need to see the whole thing in all its glory. So click the link below the picture to go there. Also, you'll find a kinky confession by Blu.

Scroll-down fetish confession that is possibly weirder than the eyebrow thing: I have a kerchief fetish too! No time for a blog about that, though.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ten Haken in Black and White

Here's Dutch supermodel Rianne, with smoky eye makeup and proud brows:

A Woman Named Anna

I hope you have a laptop computer that is easy to turn upside down. Otherwise, you will have to flip over an entire desktop monitor. Remember to lift with the legs, not the back.

This photo, by the way, was e-mailed to Blubrow by a fan (thank you!) who found the photo "on a web site." Not much to link to there, but we do the best we can. All we know is 1) she's named Anna and 2) she's got eyebrows:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Maybelline: Why Can't You Be Blu?

Let's push this '70s theme one step further.

The good folks at Found in Mom's Basement linked back to the print ad below, which showed up on a web site called Stuck in the '70s. Thank god there was at long last a "kit for the girl on the go":

Scroll-down warning that you'll go blind looking at this stuff: No, not porn. The web site this ad came from. Stuck in the '70s reminds us what life was like when Mosaic was the only browser, and HTML 1.1 was still a sparkle in Marc Andreessen's eye...A better name for it would be Stuck in 1994.