Friday, December 26, 2008

Audrey Takes Us Into 2009

It's nearing the end of a full year of eyebrow sharing. We hope it was as good for you as it was for us.

We're sharing a little Audrey Hepburn (from Lulu's Vintage) – then we're going offline for a few days and unless something goes suddenly, terribly wrong, we'll be back with a new look in 2009. So sit tight, drink heavily, and enjoy the brows.

Happy New Year!

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Sasha Grey, the Day After

The day after Christmas, that is. Sasha Grey greets you to help dispell the post-holiday blues.

Is it working?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmas Card

A year ago we introduced you to our calling cards (sample above), which have been left in various restaurants, taxi cabs, hotels and airports around the globe. Maybe you came here because you picked one up? We hope so.

In any case, since then we've appeared on Facebook, on Flickr (the Women's Eyebrows group!), and on Twitter (follow us and we'll follow you back).

We're looking forward to another year of blogging the best brows and we thank our loyal readers. Hell, we even thank the traitorous ones.

Merry Christmas, if that's your thing, and if it's not, sit tight. We'll be back with some brows in a few hours.

She Put the Head in Headey

You might think the worst thing about this movie poster with a Photoshopped Lena Headey is that her skull is shattered and broken off. You'd be wrong.

The worst thing about it is that they broke off her eyebrows in the process!

We need them restored:

Ah. Everything is OK now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meanwhile in Brazil: VAI!

Our friends at Freakstyle partied VAI-style in October and show no signs of letting up. Here's the latest...

Monday, December 22, 2008

McGinley's Laura

Last May we were lovin' a photo by Ryan McGinley. The model was Laura.

Two weeks later we were pimping his video for Sigur Ros.

Now we're just tossing out a couple of his Polaroidesque shots of Laura again. We like.

McGinley makes odd-looking people seem completely beautiful, and makes beautiful people look a little weird. Cool.

Camilla Belle: We're Just Checking In

It's been like twenty minutes since Camilla Belle was in a movie, so we have to post this photo, lest withdrawal symptoms set in.


No Soap. Radio.

We call shenanigans on Aeric Meredith-Goujon's titles for his awesome photos. This one is named Hologram Buffalo.

You might accuse us of a lack of imagination, and/or a failure to recognize the artistic element in photo-naming. But unless this is a hologram that was photographed in Buffalo, New York, we say the name thing is nonsense.

Thank god the photos aren't nonsense. They're brilliant. And so are the eyebrows.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ten Haken at the Table

A nice black and white look at supermodel Rianne Ten Haken.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Get Ready, Get Set...Get Cancer!

The tobacco is vintage and so is the ad.

And the artwork is for people with "keen young tastes." Like us.

Brooke Says "Cheese." Then Says "Oops."

The other day we saw Brooke Shields' butt.

Today, we see more.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweden, 1957: Underwear!

These ads show some Swedish lingerie that was all the rage in 1957. And some eyebrows that are all the rage now, thanks to Blubrow.

Photographer: Eva Mueller

Photographer Eva Mueller's work looks beautiful in Vellum. More from other artists via Vellum soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

800th Post: Nicole Trunfio Bakes Us a Cake


Did Nicole Trunfio really bake us a cake for our 800th Blubrow blog posting?!


But it's in keeping with our recent "fine women in the kitchen" meme, or whatever it is. Audrey Hepburn, that Rachel chick, and now Nicole.

Onward to 900.

A Spa We Can Appreciate

We don't know anything about spas, really. But in California there's one named Pure Blu. We like the name. A lot.

Then again, we're biased. We surfed over to their site and noticed that some of the models even have decent eyebrows. Everybody wins.

That last one is a little hard to make out, but we suppose they got carried away with the "pure blu" theme. We get it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ellen von Unwerth Again

It's been quite a while since the last time we saw her work, but we had a couple of additional photos by Ellen von Unwerth lying around and thought we'd fire them up.

Wilde and Weisz in Hollywood Rumors

You may well wonder, as did we, why the perfect 1980s greatness that is the movie Tron needs a sequel 27 years later. It doesn't. And yet, a sequel is on its way. Word is – according to the Hollywood Reporter – that Olivia Wilde will be part of the doomed-to-be-bad-but-not-bad-enough project.

She is seen here having an eyebrow tune up...:

And E! Online is reporting that Rachel Weisz may be inked to serve as Catwoman in Batman 3 or whatever is next.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What You're Missing on Flickr

That's right friends. Did you know there's a group in Flickr called Women's Eyebrows? We know this, because we own it and run it. And we invite photographers like Dodik85, who created the gem above, to add their pictures to the group. And so far almost 100 pictures have been contributed.

So check it out. Join in the (mostly innocent) eyebrow fun.

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter too. We'll follow your ass right back.

Another Kitchen Treat: Rachel

OK, so she's not Audrey Hepburn. But then, who the hell is? Nobody.

So here's a young thing named Rachel. We don't know where she came from or where she went. Thanks to the generous reader who contributed this set for the greater good.

The eyebrows are beautiful and so is the side-boob!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Suicide Girl: Shanti

Is Shanti the most beautiful Suicide Girl we've ever seen?


Are you particularly good looking? We didn't think so.

So let it go and just check out the eyebrows (and the kerchief thingie).

From the Archives: Sophia Loren

Seeing Audrey Hepburn in her kitchen the other day reminded us how much goodness there is in the archives.

Here's Sophia Loren. She may not be baking, but she's cooking with gas.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rebecca Gayheart - A Closer Look

We mentioned Rebecca Gayheart in passing while admiring Rose Byrne. Gayheart, now in her late 30, is an American actress who pops up now and then. We liked her in the mid-'90s when she was in the sci-fi series Earth 2, which nobody remembers (the aliens gave us nightmares).

But that show was also fun because the other female leads (Debrah Farentino and Jessica Steen) had great eyebrows too. We'll get back to that. But for now, here's Rebecca, including some paparazzi topless shots.

This is a giant image (3000px from top to bottom, so fire it up, if you like a lot of Noxzema):

And as promised. Dang!

Scroll-down thing you were wondering whether we would mention: Yeah, Gayheart was yakking on her cell phone while cruising in her SUV a few years back and she didn't notice that the cars in front of her had stopped, and she swerved around them, but they were stopped for a reason which is that a 9 year old was crossing the street and she ran him over and he died. There, we mentioned it.

Rose Byrne and Another "Burn" Pun

We love posting about actress Rose Byrne, because 1) she's great looking (we've never seen her actually act in anything, but we are sure she's just fine), and 2) we can make burn/byrne puns. She also kind of reminds us of Rebecca Gayheart, but way less scary.

Back in March, we also promised hi-def snaps from the trailer of her new flick, Knowing. We don't forget. We're that good.

Here you go:

Scroll-down "burn" pun: If you were hoping for high-budget special effects, give it up right now. This cap from the trailer shows that the "effects" consist of a matte painting done with a 10 year-old's Majikal Paint by the Numbers! kit. Click this image to see just how bad it really is. OK, here goes:

The city byrnes!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brooke's Bare Bottom, Barely, and Brilliant Brows. Booyah!

We have recently seen Audrey Hepburn baking at home, Monica Bellucci having a smoke in her underwear, so why not check in on Brook Shields and her outstanding eyebrows, lying around semi-nakedish?

Bellucci's Allowed to Smoke

We had a vote at Blubrow HQ.

We decided that some people are allowed to do whatever they want, and we're not allowed to criticize them.

Monica Bellucci, for example.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Audrey Hepburn: Best Candid Ever

We loved seeing Audrey Hepburn grocery shopping with her pet deer, Ip.

But we love even more (if that's possible) seeing her barefoot, sundressed, and hair up, checking the oven.


Movie Stills: Kate Winslet in The Reader

We read the book called The Reader a long time ago, but ironically, perhaps, we can't remember it. Well now Liam "Darkman" Neeson is in the flick version, and as we do, we sampled the hi-def trailer for you.

Kate Winslet makes her first appearance on Blubrow, due in part to the eyebrow-raise exhibited here:

And there's the obligatory naked-in-the-bath scene...

...and the naked-in-the-sheets scene:

For the flash-forward or present day parts, they had to make her look all old and what-not.

Scroll-down traditional repetitive joke: Reader? I hardly know 'er!