Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anne Hathaway as Agent 99

We have already expressed our regard for the new Anne Hathaway. She's back, now in the big budget film version of Get Smart. Here's a teaser poster:

And here are two not-so-great screens I grabbed from the so-called hi-def trailer (is it just me, or are high definition trailers usually just bigger low definition clips?). Not the best, but hey – it's more than you had ten seconds ago:

OK, that last shot has not a lot of eyebrow in it, but I know from your emails that you like Anne for more than just her eyebrows. So there you go.

Scroll-down Public Relations Pitch o' the Day: We were looking for a good comparison picture of the original Agent 99, Barbara Feldon. But in every photo we found, her eyebrows were obscured with those '60s-style bangs. Too bad.

We did find this, however. It's from a PR agency in Australia. The outfit is called Agent99 PR. They don't have anything on their web site, but there's an email address and phone number.

Who knew?! I hope they get some business from this posting. I love the illustration:


Sharon said...

Hilarious! I'm the Director of Agent99 PR in Sydney, Australia, so glad you like the illustration, I have sent the feedback to our wonderful ad agency in Melbourne, Venus ;)

Blu said...

Wait! PR agencies need ad agencies? I am so confused. Anyway, rock on Agent99! We love you Up Over (I declare that to be the opposite of Down Under)!