Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blooming Under Sable Skies

Is Blubrow the Brigadoon of blogs? That mythical Scottish village appears every 100 years and the outside world has the chance to interact with it...Maybe this blog appears every 100 posts and someone interacts. Here's why I think so:

On a blog called Reject the Kool-Aid, blogger Tearfree commented on Famke Janssen's scary, brutish eyebrows and also referred to Blubrow's blog (the one you are reading now). The first assessment was not positive ("sort of lame" was the verdict), however, on further review she changed her mind and said
it's not lame at all. Great brow shots of both famous people and regular gals.
This is important for two reasons:
  1. It's the first time anyone on the internet has ever acknowledged that it's OK to change your mind about anything (props to Tearfree!), and
  2. It may - may - herald the birth of a brow bloggers' kindredhood of some kind. And that just might mean that at long last, eyebrows will be seen as the super-central hyper-critical ultra-meaningful key that they are to all things esthetic.
More likely, though, nobody will notice and I'll just keep toiling away in relative anonymity (Tearfree's blog isn't really "about" eyebrows and she may never comment again). That's actually ok, though, because I subscribe to the belief that as soon as somebody else likes something I like, it's no good anymore.

So I leave you with this...I'll be adding a list of brow-ish sites sometime soon, and I share the following just for fun:

A model named Lou-Lou as captured by famed photographer Richard Kern. Her eyebrows are solid, but the rest of her hair is a mess. Ain't it always like that?

Monday, May 28, 2007

100th Post: Audrey

Still the best.

Click photo to enlarge.

Turkey's Grid Girls

As a follow up to this weekend's GP of Monaco, here are a few ladies from last year's Turkish GP:

Now I am off in search of the grid girls from Monte Carlo this past weekend...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Andy Julia's Eyebrows

Photographer Andy Julia is a talented Paris-based photographer who seems to enjoy adding snippets of ideas from painting, illustration, sculpture and a little bit of Beaux Arts history to his photography.

But we don't give a good goddamn about that. We just like the stylized eyebrows.

This one sort of reminds me of Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg - but in an OK way:

No - wait - we don't like the stylized eyebrows. WE LOVE THEM.

First I Shot Myself. Then....

The other day I mentioned a site called I Shot Myself. They have competition, evidently, from a site called Her Self Pics.

Nothing says "she shot herself" more internetly than the blurry, foreshortened arm of a topless chick. And I think that homegrown porn efforts would be more appealing, no matter how pretty the girl, if the model took a minute to place her loofahs and conditioner bottles out of the field of view.

Finally, this girl is pretty, but the brows need attention. It's good to see raw material (and no red-eye), but a visit to the salon would make this girl (Brandy by name) just perfect.

Princess Grace

And in honor of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend as well, let's revisit Grace Kelly. Click for full resolution.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Miss Universe In Turmoil?

So Isabel Lestapier Winqvist (above), Sweden's entry in the Miss Universe pageant has withdrawn from the competition. Swedes seem to have just learned of the breaking news: beauty pageants are misogynistic in nature and degrading to women.

This is good news for people who like their beauty queens' front teeth to be somewhat aligned, and bad news for people who wanted to look at her eyebrows.

This Miss Universe contest is shaping up to be a slightly weird one anyway, with Miss Jamaica sporting dreadlocks and Miss Tanzania sporting a shaved...head.

Of course, the truly great aspect of this is that Miss Jamaica's "national costume" includes a Bob Marley concert t-shirt.

Jah Glory!

Spanish Grand Prix: Grid Girls

This weekend sees the Formula I Grand Prix of Monaco, always a swank, sexy affair. Meanwhile, we anticipate it by sharing three photos of the "grid girls" from the last F1 race, in Spain.
Gentlewomen, start your eyebrows!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Joe Bowler Starts the Weekend

Well here in the US of A it's Memorial Day weekend. Monday will be a holiday so you'll need extra doses of eyebrows to get you through. What better way to start the weekend than with our friend, illustrator Joe Bowler?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Never Cry, Wolf

Photographer Wolf189 (that's what he calls himself) has a sharp eye for photography and a diverse array of models, styles and talents. I can't say poetry is among them (I'd skip the blog on his site), but who am I to judge? I am just a humble observer of the eyebrow.

There are many worthwhile photos on this site, and you just need to be patient and surf methodically. You will be rewarded:
Wolf189's photography site

Met-Art Does It Again: Bijou

Go with what you know.

And a Bottle of Rum?

Miss Knightley is in another unnecessary sequel to the pirate movies (pirate movies?! WTF?!). But that means she's popping up for the papparazzi. Which means we see her in the media.

Avast!!! We're checking out your eyebrows!


This young lady sports a pair of very prominent features:

Her eyebrows. Enjoy Vika from Met-Art.

Shots Fired

There's a website called I Shot Myself which features photos of (mostly) (nude) women, photographed by themselves. I went over to the site to grab some language from the About page, hoping to use it to make fun of the site's authors.

But I was surprised to read their self-justification, finding it coherent, reasonably thoughtful and non-idiotic. There's hope for porn yet.

Meanwhile, in the process of shooting themselves, a couple of these ladies shot their eyebrows too. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shannyn Sossamon

Shannyn Sossamon has good instincts. When she was a teenager she changed her first name from Shannon to Shannyn, believing that "stupid = success" in Hollywood. And she was right. Sort of. She has somehow found work in modeling, television, [bad] movies, and advertising.

But maybe it's not because she stupidified her name.

Maybe it's her eyebrows.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just a Random Monday Posting

Honestly, I don't know where I saw this lady, but I know she was billed as "Hillary." Don't sweat the details, just check out the eyebrows.

And click these pictures, as usual, for larger images.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rachel Weisz

Hollywood's Rachel Weisz is one of those rare women who looks better when she's not smiling.

Hayden's Heroic Eyebrows

Hayden Panettiere sounds like a cross between a Central Park Museum and an arena football quarterback. But she's the chick who plays the unkillable cheerleader, or something, on Heroes, a popular (for now) TV show. We don't much care for Heroes - which makes no sense and is not interesting - but we care deeply for Hayden's eyebrows.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

German Photographer Peter Franck

Not all avant garde, artsier-than-thou hip ironic photography is complete crap. Only 99%.

The other one percent includes many of the photos by artist Peter Franck, whose web site is here. There is a lot worth checking out, and not just because his favorite models have good eyebrows.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Niqabs for Peace

In an earlier post, I talked about the hijab. Now it's time to think about the niqab.

The niqab, or face veil, is part of the hijab.

The Arabic is نِقاب. Say it: نِقاب.

I found a bizarre web site that offered skeevy, low-resolution close ups of Arab women's eyes, peering from behind the niqab. Herewith some of the less egregious photos...and a couple of others, less sketchy.

The second one doesn't have a niqab.

So sue me