Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Ads, Many Eyebrows

Whether it's lipstick...


...or some inferior brand of ketchup...

...the eyebrow is an advertiser's friend!

Especially the phallic lipstick thing.

Just sayin'.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mercedes Esquivel: Cha Cha Cha


We just fell in love again.

This time it's Mercedes Esquivel. She's on the Flickr too....

And it gets worse (i.e., better): Her cousin, who "visits twice a year":

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Throwback Thursday

We're continuing the process we started last weak of clearing some vintage eyebrows out of storage...In no particular order, we offer this week's Throwback Thursday:

Jane Dolinger, one of the most interesting women you've never heard of. Here's a teaser: She authored an article titled I Witnessed a Head-Shrinking Orgy.

A certain Candy McKay:

A long, curvy, but anonymous eyebrow from 1957:

Another unknown sidebrow:

A final unknown but provocative young model, with a nice arch:

And miss Diane Webber, aka Marguerite Empey, who was not only a Playboy centerfold, but also taught belly dancing in Van Nuys!:

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Audreys of 2012

There will be more.

This one is large, click to see....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday, Showcasing Vintage Brows

Over time, we've accumulated a pretty big backlog of vintage photos: pinups, centerfolds, amateurs, models, and actresses. We'll be posting them regularly, starting today, in a series of posts we'll call (drumroll):

Throwback Thursday

At least one each week...sometimes many - and some of them we'll know by name, some of them not.

But all of them have great eyebrows!

Sheila Rudy

She needs a bra that matches those awesome panties...but who would own such a thing?

Lari Lane gets wet in Playboy, 1958:

The "woman next door":

Edy Williams
She hasn't been seen since her 1995 appearance in Snatch Masters 6!:

Anna Noble
Her claim to fame was as a faux-Bond girl, appearing only during the credit sequence of The Spy Who Loved Me.

And a classic vintage pin-up:

More next week!! And every Thursday...

Monday, January 16, 2012

True Submersion

You guys are great. We posted swimsuit models in the surf, and you complained! Well, Bradley complained via email, saying the models weren't "as wet as they oughta be."

Fair enough.

Here's a truly saturated young woman of unknown identity and origin, just for Bradley.

And for us.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brow Smackdown from Style Bistro

We were cautiously pessimistic about how "fun" it would be to play Style Bistro's guessing game, "Who has the best brows?"

First of all, only we are allowed to answer that question. But we went ahead and played the game anyway...

Who Has the Best Brows?

We got 17 out of 20.

How did YOU do?

Be warned: you'll be confronted with horrific "choices" like this....

Other brows featured belong to:

Doutzen Kroes
Jennifer Connelly
Brooke Shields
Cindy Crawford
Maria Menounos
Miley Cyrus
Cheryl Burke
Audrina Partridge
Victoria Justice
Carmen Electra
Diana Agron
Jessica Lowndes
Katie Holmes
Coco Rocha
Jennifer Hudson
Christina Milian
Katy Perry
Serena Williams
Lauren Goodger
Nikki Reed
Vera Farmiga
Leona Lewis
Elizabeth Olsen
Abigail Breslin
Victoria Beckham
Olivia Palermo
The Monster Fergie


J Lo

Our pick for the best, based on the photos they used, is actually Jessica Lowndes. We'll feature her some other time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A More Traditional New Year for Some

Last week we started the year all dirty and whatnot, with a celebrity porn story.

This week we're backtracking and bringing you a more traditional way to welcome 2012: with Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar models. We picked the three who are most rockin' the eyebrows.

They are Hilary Rhoda:

Alyssa Miller:

And in her first appearance on this blog, Julie Henderson:

Who's your favorite?

We're partial to Ms. Miller.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old People Can't Tweet: Melissa George Topless

Yeah sure we saw her amazing nekkidness in Dark City (we can't remember anything else about that film). But why not interrupt the week with a somewhat recent news story about Melissa George's eyebrows? With a cameo by her left breast.

Her boyfriend, old rich dude Russell Simmons, tweeted these pics to the world, accidentally. So thoughtful Blubrow fan and starlet namesake Melissa from Ohio sent them along. And we had, indeed, missed them.

Here's a link to our past Melissa George postings. Love her!

Melissa George on Blubrow

Monday, January 2, 2012

Start Off the Year with a Bang. Literally.

Happy 2012 to all eyebrow fans and readers, casual or faithful. We're planning to keep up with our roughly "every Monday" posting plan, since it works for us. (If it doesn't work for you, well...too bad.)

To kick off the new year we're taking a look at Belen Rodriguez. She's a pretty, sexy brunette model and TV type from Argentina, who lives in Italy and who made headlines a while back because of – shocking!!!a leaked sex tape.

Normally this is pretty boring news to us, but we actually checked this one out, because, as you can see below, her eyebrows are so quality. Bottom line though: don't bother. She's not that famous, and even though she looks great (and we appreciate her technique in some specific aspects) it's blurry, dark and confusing most of the time. Like teenager sex.

Instead, here's a quick Belen gallery. Cha cha cha.

Sporting side boob:

Sporting nipple. Oops! Slip!!

She gives good magazine cover!

More cuteness:

And a (cropped by us) screen cap from the aforementioned video. Note: we lightened & sharpened the image quite a bit, the video itself is darker and blurrier. And more confusing.