Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Freakstyle = Street Fashion Fun

Nevermind the eyebrows (did I just say that?!), anyone can get a kick out of the RSS feed from freakstyle.

What is it? It's a blog that documents the "street fashions" of Sao Paulo, Brazil, but with a smattering of international content. Nevermind that some of the "looks" are just lame, and that the site is in Portuguese. It's all about the photos.

Yesterday's posting about dance reminded me that this is Carnaval time (Mardi Gras, tards) in Rio and that made me think of samba and that made me think of freakstyle!

Sometimes you get a nice Brazilian wax job. Not that kind of wax job! The eyebrow kind...

Scroll-down eek!style: Sometimes though you get something that has more freak than style...

And sometimes, you just have to laugh:

Check it out!

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