Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nobody Listens to Us

Well, at least not when we say "Hey kids, don't smoke."

We tried to tell everyone not to smoke. And not everyone listened. OK, nobody listened.

And as if that weren't bad enough, we don't know the name of the photographer of this great image of model Engel Schrei. But Engel Schrei knows. And if she drops by to enlighten us, we'll update this posting to give credit where it's due. And we'll remind her not to smoke (after we thank her).

Scroll-down secret: We're sure the photographer is worthy of praise but we also secretly think most of the credit goes to the model in these situations.


EngelSchrei said...

EJ Holmes is the photographer darlin' .. :)

JJ Blu said...

God damn, Engel Schrei, you are awesome.

For three years you sat, biding your time, making us wait...and then, catlike, you POUNCE. And indeed, you enlighten us. We have added a tag to the post, showing Sherlock Holmes' more successful younger brother, EJ, as the photog.

We love you for this. But we still love your eyebrows more than anything. You rock.

JJ Blu said...

Oh, and don't smoke!