Friday, December 7, 2007

We Hope Hope Solo Doesn't Go So Low Again

US women's soccer goalie Hope Solo was benched toward the end of the women's World Cup three months ago. How did she respond? The way any egotistical prima donna would. She badmouthed her replacement and her coach and her teammates.

We don't care how promising her eyebrows are. Bottom line? If you play a team sport you better shut the hell up and sit down. It's one thing to motivate your teammates in the locker room by getting them fired up with a challenge. But it's another to blab to the press about how you would have prevented Brazilian star Marta from making the US squad look as bad as they really were.

When the tournament is over, you will have the opportunity to say that you were disappointed by Coach Ryan's decision and just wished you could have all performed better for your country.

Then you shut up and win, for a change.

Scroll-down coaching clichés: There's no "I" in "Team"! And you can't spell "American" without "I Can"!


Bruce said...

Obviously you know nothing about team sports. You don't make a major roster change in the line-up like that putting in someone cold vs some who has helped over 51 games; that the team is accustomed to and creating such a controvery in a critical match that the whole team was distratcted. She had performed at top level she should have complained. I have been coaching socer for over 14 years. He was an idiot for replacing her

Blu said...

We waited til the Olympic soccer tourney was over and done with before responding. Now we can give Hope Solo credit for being the gold medal champion (along with the rest of the US squad).

But Bruce's comment was about the coach. We never said he wasn't an idiot (he was). Our comment was about her saying dumb stuff, like "I would never have let those goals in." She's still an insufferable blowhard. But now she's a blowhard with a hard-earned gold medal.