Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer: Thy Name was Paige Young

Where we live, it has finally become freakin' hot. That's the sign that summer has arrived.

And nothing says "Summer" like a vintage Playboy centerfold with bodacious tan lines and eyebrows.

This is Paige Young, Miss November 1968. I am sure that where we live, come November, we'll be pining for a scene like this to warm things back up.

Sadly, Miss Young died from a sleeping pill overdose in 1974 in Hollywood.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blonde, Brunettes: Clarke and Taylor

A few weeks ago we mentioned Emilia Clarke, in the context of the HBO series, Game of Tits.

So...let's take a look. But let's put it in an original context... Emilia is a brunette, but on the show, she's a bleach blonde. But she rocks the dark eyebrows. We love that!

Here's a photo of her in her normal state and even though one brow is hidden, we dig this photo:

But just for a little context, like we said, we want to include a picture of another brunette who rocked the blonde look. Elizabeth Taylor, not as we have always seen her:

We dig that too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying to Keep Up...and Failing!

OK, OK. We know. We've been ignoring you. We never call. We never write. We're like the worst bloggers ever! It's true.

But life gets in the although we can't promise that there will be a weekly post as in the past, rest assured the blog isn't dead, and it's not going's just...adapting. Or something.

Will you forgive us if we share photos of an All-American, wholesome, healthy brunette centerfold? A girl-next-door extraordinaire? You will? Thanks. That means a lot.

Here's Cindy Fuller. In May, 1959 she was Playboy Playmate of the Month. She was 20 years old when the photos were taken by Bunny Yeager. She knows how to smile. And bite a towel.

See you sometime....soon.