Monday, February 4, 2008

Joshua Middleton Brings Supergirl To Life

If you fall into any one or more of the following categories:
  • likes contemporary artwork
  • is a comics fan
  • has an interest in digital artwork
  • digs superheroes/heroines
  • has this thing about chicks' eyebrows
then you have to check out artist Joshua Middleton's latest cover art for DC Comics' Supergirl. A detail is shown above, but the full posting about it is on his blog, here.

To me, Middleton's best work has the humor of the great Pierre Alary (with a more...mature feel) and the ethereal-but-not-too-mystical approach found in Claire Wendling's best finished work. Great stuff. [Note: Wendling's site is out of date but poke around for some gems.]

Meanwhile, to see what I mean about Josh, check out this beautiful piece from Sky Between Branches. And for more hot comics brows, you gotta love Nyx.

Thank you Josh.

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