Monday, February 4, 2008

Sports Limbo: F1 Babes Will See Us Through

These are dark days for those of us not excited about college basketball, pro hockey or whatever Fox Sports has on offer (beach volleyball, llama racing, fly fishing). We live for Major League Baseball. We even track baseball overseas (how about those Huskies de Rouen?!).

But for the next nine days (until pitcher and catchers report) let's ponder the ladies below, who appeared in past racing seasons at Formula I race tracks:

Scroll-down Career Opportunity: If you fit the profile, you can get a job as a Grid Girl! You must be 5'5" and speak Malay.


Elizabeth said...

Did you hear about Don Mattingly's wife Kim getting arrested for "refusing to leave" their property? Those blonde apostrophes crookedly slapped two inches over her eyes are unforgivable. Bad brows AND bad for ball: that crazy Kimmy.

PS? Bud Selig is my Valentine. Eight short days away from the most wonderful tiiime of the yeeear...

Blu said...

Holy Pinstripes, Browman! Yeah, we did hear about that, and we cringed...Donnie Baseball should be out with Joe in Los Angeles, getting the Dodgers ready to tear the Gigantes a new one. Oh well.

Great prose! Thanks Elizabeth!