Monday, June 30, 2008

Miranda Kerr, Up from Down Under

Did you catch the winter issue of Men's Style Australia? No? Well nice going, because you missed Miranda Kerr's eyebrows. And stuff... But don't worry. We've got you covered:

Click 'em big. Then you can read all about that Buddhist thing.

Portia de Rossi (Mrs. DeGeneres?)

You know her as Tess, Christian Slater's bitch the scene-stealing star of Who Is Cletis Tout? But we know her as Ellen's bitch fiancée.

No matter, she has some crazy-ass Aussie eyebrows. She's Portia de Rossi.

Oh yeah. And her real name is Amanda Rogers.

Scroll-down pitch: Cletis Tout is like The Whole Nine Yards meets Shawshank. Go with us on this one....

Jay Parkinson's Kiley

It's been a while since we saw something by Dr. Jay. How about Kiley?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Porn Ninja: Maria Ozawa

A shiny katana, a dash of eyebrow...and a splash of sex...

Nice recipe!

Just add Maria Ozawa and enjoy:

Scroll-down bonus: Side boob!

Glimmer for Glamour: Illustrated Ad Brows

We don't know if Jantzen was the "best of all swimsuits," but we also don't care. We just appreciate the folks at Found in Mom's Basement for scaring up this vintage illustration with its outrageous brows:

Supermodel Ruslana Korshunova: Apparent Suicide

Sadly, Kazakh supermodel Ruslana Korshunova jumped or fell to her death in New York City today.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Euro 2008, Part VII

Eyebrow contributions from Germany (body painting!)...


and Italy:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sao Paulo Fashion Brows...and Boobs!

Although the Brows & Boobs series of postings is officially ended, there are always more brows...and boobs...for us to consider. Like these, from Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil. Some key designers showed off there, and the models flaunted eyebrows and more...

Clothes by...

Tereza Santos:

Samuel Cirnansck:

Lino Villaventura:

And Fause Haten:

Scroll-down side-boob + side-brow bonus:

Checking in with Chip

Photographer Chip Willis, that is. Should be obvious from the photos, without me having to explain it. Pay attention, people.

Do you have a favorite? I do:

I sure do.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out, Tom Cruise: War of the Worlds Brows

We love the cover of this Dutch edition of H.G. Wells's classic War of the Worlds (or Alarm Voor de Wereld). That tripod is no match for those eyebrows!

Euro 2008, Part VI: Tribute to Turkey

We have to admit, we desperately wanted Turkey to defeat the mechanical and robotic German side that obediently followed orders to win, despte a lack of style and an absence of any creativity.

But even though the Turks squeezed in one last 86th minute goal, they let up too soon and lost the match.

No matter, we still have the Turkish spirit lingering, and we'll use it to do what we do best: show off some eyebrows.

We'll be seeing the Turks again in South Africa, come 2010, I am sure.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brows Gone Wild: True Amateurs

With this posting, I'm instituting what I hope will be a regular (but maybe not frequent) type of posting – the "MySpace-style-inadvertent-but-essentially-representative-slutty-silly-dopey-chicks" posting.

That is, I admit, unwieldy at best, so we'll just go with: Brows Gone Wild!

If you happen across any snapshots of sorority chicks, high school volleyball teams on sleepover road trips, cheerleaders gettin' funky, you know – girls with great eyebrows doing something they're going to wish they had not done when a camera was present – send 'em my way and I'll share.

These two brunettes will give you an idea of what we're after here...

Oh, and if they have the date and time stamp, like the photo above, so much the better. It adds that ineffable something that just screams, "I still have AOL!"

Scroll-down technicality: There's clearly a nipple emerging to the viewer's left, so we have to tag this with Nude.

Thai Model: Brows as Art

The brows on this Thai clothes model are painted to make them stand out a bit, but hey – it works for us.

A tip of the Thai hat to "T" for sending this along...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sasha Grey...Clothed!

It took us a second to realize this is none other than pornette Sasha Grey...if it weren't for the eyebrows, we would never have recognized her with her clothes on!

Photographer Sanders McNew

We just try to keep the good stuff the eyebrows on these models who posed for artist Sanders McNew.

If you hit his web site, keep in mind 1) the bitch takes a while to load, and 2) the interface in the gallery is wonky. I used my arrow keys...:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Euro 2008, Part V

The jingoism continues, with...

Austrian eyebrows:

...Croatian eyebrows:

...and Romanian eyebrows:

Photographer Sabine Schoenberger

Some of German photographer Sabine Schoenberger's photos are interesting because of their composition, others for their hyper-saturated pre-Raphaelitiness, and a few, just because of the eyebrows:

Scroll-down machine translation: I wanted some bio on the artist, and since her site is in German (which I have trouble with, ahem), I ran it through the Google translator. This was a big help. Here is the result:
In their pictures the photographer met the man in his innermost being. It looks good, untouched in the creature - but the dark shadow side of human existence. The enormous range of individuality also requires a variety of range of options. Accordingly secure various means of expression maßgescheiderte individual pictures of each mood situations, fantasies and wishes. The basic Inspriation their pictures goes beyond the purely visual presentation, and tries to motifs in the symbolic level of principle to enshrine laws.

The "landscapes" of their enchanted worlds sees it as habitats where dreams grow. As places to accommodate the foundations for healthy growth Kreativtät and imagination.

Gladly, the photographer commissioned work in the field:

Portrait, wedding, fashion - and act.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Euro 2008, Part IV

Will it turn out to be a sad day for Italy? We'll find out in a few hours when they take on Spain. These ladies will be there...(twins?):

But after watching Holland yesterday, Worldwide Blubrow HQ is a sombre place. We invite this Portuguese fan to join us and share the tears (and her eyebrows):

Legacy Indeed: Jordana Brewster

We just scanned some fan mail and were happy to receive a message from a fan we'll call "T," who reminded us of a glaring and (frankly) embarrassingly inexcusable omission from Blu's Eyebrow Blog:

Jordana Brewster!

Duh. Of course we've seen her, and have always loved the brows. But how is it we never showcased her here? We'll start making up for it now, at T's suggestion and with a photo he used as an example of her eyebrows' quality:

Scroll-down legacy admit: As far as we know, Jordana (who famously banged Mark Wahlberg and later Derek Jeter) is not related to Punky, but her grandfather was none other than Yale University president (and American diplomat) Kingman Brewster, Jr. Guess where she went to college?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The World of Tomorrow (for Eyebrows)

Yes, citizens! In the world of tomorrow, robots will cater to our every whim!

In the morning, we will be roused from sleep by our household robot!

We will dress with the assistance of our robot servant!

We will vote on the weather and then take our entire daily nutritional intake in the form of a single pill.

Before climbing into our autogyro for the short commute to work, we will enjoy a cigarette, lit for us by – yes, that's right – our personal robo-valet!

Friday, June 20, 2008

If It's French, It Must Be Classy: Lui Magazine, Part I

Back in the mid-1960s, red-blooded American males had been getting off on Playboy centerfo– uh, articles, for about a decade. But even the monthly installments weren't enough to satisfy the demand for naked women, while we sat around waiting for the interblags to be invented.

France to the rescue! The French were the original continental glossy-stock pornographers, and one of their more recent products at the time was Lui: Le Magazine de L'Homme Moderne. Its cousin, Oui, eventually found its way to American shores. With a French name, it was sure to be a winner.

Sometimes, Lui was a winner too – because of the eyebrows sported by its cover girls. Here's the first installment of a small collection of them, these ones from 1966–7: