Monday, February 11, 2008

Election Update: Eyebrow Shortage on the Campaign Trail

America elects its president this November (about eight years too late, but hey).

In an earlier post, we opined that although Cate Edwards had the browsiest look among the Democratic candidates' daughters, Chelsea Clinton might do, if that's what it came down to. Now that the race is down to three people between the two major parties, what is the status?

Well it's not good.

First of all, Chelsea could theoretically still hit the hay at her 'rents' place on Pennsylvania Avenue some day. The Obamas have two girls, but they're too young for us to be messing around with on this blog (i.e., younger than Dolores Haze). OK, so far, so good.

But...there's a problem. John McCain is the Republican frontrunner, and his daughter Meghan McCain,'s like this. How do I say this without...seeming rude. Oh well. I can't. You'll just have to judge for yourselves.

I'm sorry:

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