Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mammorial Day

We thought we'd end May with this, our 60th post of the month, by noting that historically, May 30 (yesterday) was supposed to be Memorial Day. This will get us close.

Tomorrow, a Suicide Girl to kick off June...

Drive It! Lena and Lohman

We did not receive our fond wish that Fox preserve the Sarah Connor Chronicles for another season. Also, Summer Glau didn't get naked with Lena Headey. Oh well.

Meanwhile, we continue noting that our favorite actresses are often seen in the driver's seat. Here's Lena...

And here's Alison Lohman. And some murderous Gypsy witch.

This smacks of gypsyism.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sasha Grey: When She Was Interesting

We can't stop stewing over how disappointing that Sasha Grey trailer was. We know, that's the point! Avant garde (aka cheap) filmmaking cannot succeed unless we feign interest in spite of ourselves.

And yet...there was a time.....

This One Has It All

Saturday morning brings Amateur Hour to the Blubrow faithful. And we would not want you to start your weekend off on the wrong note.

So here you go, a photo that delivers on many levels....

Amateurs...smokes...corn chip nail tips...nipples exposed accidentally on purpose...what may or may not be an exposed "area"... and of course:


Welcome to your weekend.

Friday, May 29, 2009

How You Wish Your Weekend Was Starting

A reader named Cory writes from "Army hell" (whatever that is) and suggests that this model, named Paige, is "the girl next door, but with awesome eyebrows."

Who are we to disagree with someone with access to munitions? And anyway, Cory is right about the eyebrows. Cory then adds:

"Your bra party posts are the best ones. Did you make that up, or is [sic] bra parties something girls actually do?"

Cory, if one of our readers wants to answer by leaving a comment (tweeze) on the site, they are free to share what they know. For our part, we have a job to do (gathering the world's best eyebrows and sharing them here) and we do it. In that way, we're a lot like you Army folks. But without the munitions, or weapons of any kind (save for our rapier wit).

Scroll-down joke that we know better than to make: Rapier?! We hardly know her!

Miami Vice + DIsco Fever = Miami Fever

This gem appeared in our mails one day, labeled simply:

Miami Fever.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More From the World of Golf

We have seen golfer Paula Creamer, but it was in a wallpaper produced by the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

This superb close-up portrait is by Keith Allison.

Best Friends by Crisbasan

Crisbasan didn't come up with an original title for this photo (he is the one who called it Best Friends), but we don't look at photos because they have good titles.

We look at photos because they have good eyebrows.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amber Valletta in Gamer

Amber Valletta popped up with surprisingly good brows in the trailer for the film Gamer (plot: The Matrix meets Running Man).

The wig thing actually works for us OK:

Surprise! Kyra Sedgwick shows up with some gunky crap on her temples and looking like the bastard offspring of Donald Duck and Nancy Pelosi:

Scroll-down because we had to: Gamer?! We hardly know her!

Femjoy's Ava

We've seen other models from Femjoy (including Sabrina, twice). This is Ava. And we'll see her again too.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dripbook Pleases

Got time to kill?

Surf over to Dripbook ("a worldwide community of professional visual artists") and enjoy the eye[brow] candy.

Like this.

Anouck Lepere in Unseen Vogue

A few years ago the museum exhibit Unseen Vogue was also produced in book form. Interesting history and background here.

Anouck Lepere deserves to be very seen, so here she is (from the book):

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Amateur Hour: Camping Trip

When we were kids, Memorial Day weekend meant driving someplace and going camping. I don't know why. We were crammed into a tent, like sardines in a can, and we never had the right thing to wear.

That sounds like the same problem these girls are having. Too bad for them.

You Heard it Here First: Strong Eyebrow Comeback is a Hit

According to Trendhunter, a site which apparently hunts for trends,
The strong eyebrow comeback was a hit at the shows of Yves Saint Laurent, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs, who stated that this season was “all about the return of the eyebrows.”
Well for better or worse, bring it on. Are we going to have to start posting three times a day?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Golf: Now Even More Dissatisfying

We don't care about golf, but if we did we'd root for Phil Mickelson. Why? Two reasons:

1. He's left-handed, and that probably means that golf courses are harder for him to play, since we assume they are all designed with right-handed players in mind, but honestly, we don't know if there's a big difference, or if at some point (like when you become professional) you are so good at golf that it doesn't matter;


2. His wife Amy Mickelson (seen here with silly hat) has pretty decent eyebrows. But now we hear she is diagnosed with cancer which obviously sucks, so since he would be our favorite golfer if we had one, she will be our favorite golfer's wife, if we had one, which we do now, and it's Amy Mickelson. We hope she fights it and wins (like Deanna Favre apparently is doing).

Good luck Amy.

Free-Spirit Concert-Goer

We feel strongly that concerts shouldn't have strict dress-codes.

So does this young woman.

Must have been Amateur Hour at the rave.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tayllor Hangs Out by the Pooll

Tayllor is a pr0n llady who gets naked and does sex things. She allso pushes her breasts toward each other a llot.

We certainlly cellebrate that, but moreso the eyebrows.

Too bad she spels funny.


Spacesick is the Flickr username of a dude named Mitch who is a funny, talented, artistic guy. And like all of us, he has a blog.

Friday, May 22, 2009

June Palmer in Black and White and Color

Pin-up throw-back this time. June Palmer. That is a righteous body.

Suicide Girl: Marianne

We promised you another bonus Suicide Girl posting this month, and here it is. Marianne.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katy Perry in Dior

Katy Perry continues to sport fruit accessories, strong eyebrows, bad lashes, and a crazy rack. All in Dior. More of this photo opp next time we see her.

Brows and Bras

Not the best amateur brows, but OK all the same. And who doesn't love a bra party?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amateurs. Beach. Eyebrows. Tongue Bath?

Did we let the weekend slip by without Amateur Hour? Sorry. Here's a catch-up post, and next a make-up for the mess-up post.

Meanwhile, what the hell is going in this picture?

Hayden: Oops Dawg

No, it's not the best eyebrow picture of Hayden Panettiere that you've ever seen.

No, it's not the best "nipple emerging from a bikini top" photo.

But it's an eyebrow we know and like, and we haven't met many nipples we didn't like. And we bet the dog is a lot of fun too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience: Worst Sasha Grey Trailer Ever

When we saw Sasha Grey's name on a film without the words "slut" or "hungry" in the description, we were intrigued. Turns out the pr0nstress is breaking into Hollywood feature-land. Too bad she decided to do it in what appears to be a dog of a flick called The Girlfriend Experience, with a director whose one idea has already been used up. The result is the most disappointing trailer we've watched in a long time – and we watch them all.

To add insult to injury, her amazing eyebrows aren't even clearly featured in a single frame of the trailer. Here's the best we can do. If the chick in the film was our girlfriend, we'd excuse ourselves and pop Stagnetti's Revenge into the DVD player.

Demi Moore, Druggie

At least, that's what the insidious Dr. Oz would have you believe about Demi Moore, according to this lame-ass ad that popped up on Yahoo!

We've only seen Demi once before, and that's probably not fair to her eyebrows so if you have a fave image send it along and we'll try to honor the brows.

Scroll-down medical referral: The Dr. Oz we really like is Nicholas "Oz" Oseransky – mostly because of his office assistant, Jill (Amanda Peet).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Where Does Yimmy's Get This Stuff?

We're addicted to Yimmy's Yayo, and his description of the site ("visual crack for the ocular fiend") is right on. But we would still like to see him credit the sources of current work, as he had said he would. We do it when we know the source, but he has promised more links and shout outs. The site has almost none.

How else are we going to find out who this model is, and who took her pic?

Nine Equals Four Minus Two

Yeah, so we didn't major in math, big deal. But we're right about this headline. How so?

The feature film Nine debuts soon and we previewed the trailer. The plot: All That Jazz meets A Chorus Line. It included the names of at least three stars we've featured on Blu's Eyebrow Blog before. Between the six ladies, four eyebrow are strong, but two are missing. Hence our math.

First, sub-mental conspiracy theorist Marion Cotillard appears, with the brows looking comme çi–comme ça:

Next, ever-browful Penelope Cruz appears:

And finally, stalwart icon Sophia Loren beams and gleams – but her once-proud eyebrows are no longer in evidence. She still has more x-factor (if less Max Factor) than the rest of the cast combined.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alyssa Miller via Allure via Greg Kadel

The brow-endowed model Alyssa Miller appeared in the June 2006 issue of Allure, photographed by Greg Kadel.

Twitter Your Brows

We have a Mobile Blubrow Field Unit (known familiarly as the "F.U.") that is a sophisticated listening post. We use it to scan all intarwebz communication for eyebrow-related content.

We noticed "increased chatter" on Twitter and moved in for a closer look.

This is what we saw (on

Several comments. First, we dig the necklace. Second, this chick says she is wearing "no makeup" in this pic. That's a lie. Third, thank god she got the brows under control. We would have had to organize an intervention.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Zurer?! We Hardly Know Her!

We didn't really recognize Ayelet Zurer when she popped up in a movie ad recently. But we read her bio and remembered her – kind of – from Vantage Point and Munich and something else. Now she's in a movie so dumb we dare not speak it's stoopit name.

Anyway, the Israeli actress is not a classic beauty but she has a strong presence and we like her. So there.

Maxim's List is Wrong: Fox versus Wilde

We've featured Olivia Wilde before, but it was only because she had taken a paint brush to her otherwise over-plucked eyebrows. And she was topless.

Now Maxim says the Wilde One tops their list of 2009's 100 sexiest women. The editors "can't stop drooling over her." Well maybe they need a pacifier or a bib or something, because we're sorry – but she's just not that hot. And the eyebrows? Not making the grade:

Bumped to number 2 on the list is Megan Fox, who's sporting the acuity of a bag of hammers, but at least has decent eyebrows most days:

We'll check that list again to see if there are some other noteworthy brows represented.