Sunday, August 31, 2008

Aussie Radha Mitchell: See-Through on the Red Carpet

Melbourne's hippie-raised Radha Mitchell is 34 years old and looks good. Especially the eyebrows.

Caught below in one of those sheer-black-fabric-versus-powerful-camera-flash moments that we love, she has worked consistently – if unspectacularly – on small and large screens since she was a teen.

Scroll-down totally zen realization: Her full name is Radha Rani Amber Indigo Anunda Mitchell. Did we mention she was raised by hippies?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Three Times Ten Haken

22 year old Dutch model Rianne ten Haken.

Not sure about the crazy cropping. As long as the eyebrows are intact, we don't really care.

Back in Black: Lohman

She was pretty in pink last time. Now she's in classic black. Alison Lohman.

Photographer: Ivan Murdzhev

This one speaks for itself. Russian photog Ivan Murdzhev:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Photographer: Denis Chaussende

Back to our regularly scheduled Eurotography installment.

French photographer Denis Chaussende provides these marvelous close-ups of honest faces with honest eyebrows in black and white.

News Flash: Palin Not Qualified for Veep Job, Based Solely on Eyebrow Inadequacy

Sure you love the fact that Charles Foster McKlane's veep choice, Sarah Palin is named after the "it's" guy from Monty Python. And yeah, of course our officials in high office should promote creationism in public school curricula. Duh!

Yes, we want them to tote rifles, eat mooseburgers and be brunette chicks.

But they must have good eyebrows.

Sadly, Sarah Palin fails on this last account:

We do note, however, that back in '84 when she vied for the Miss Alaska title, she had them a little darker and fuller. Even if she did win Miss Congeniality (serious!).

Then and now. Too little, too soon. Sorry:

Scroll-down Plutarchian comparison: Cindy McKlaine, the candidate's scary wife, is a former Miss Arizona Rodeo or something, so she too is be-pageanted.

Mardi Gras in Russia? Photographer Sergey Komarov

It's a holiday weekend here in the US of A, but the hard-working staff members of Worldwide Blubrow never rest. We'll be bombarding you with photos from a cross-section of Eurotographers who showcase women and their eyebrows.

We are still recovering from the lovely ladies recorded by Podakuni. Let's jump in and present this photo by Sergey Komarov. The model may be responding to cries more often heard on balconies in New Orleans, and she does have some "beads" to show for her efforts. But more likely she's just trying to liven things up for everyone. That works for us.

Suicide Girl: Opaque

After posting the first of Podakuni's photos yesterday, we sat around the conference room at Blubrow HQ and asked each other, "Are you going to finish that donut?"

We also asked, "when will we seen another eyebrow beauty as gorgeous as that?"

Answer? Right now.

Behold Suicide Girl Opaque. Shockingly pretty:

Photographer: Podakuni

A photographer in Moscow, Russia goes by the single name Podakuni. And he delivers these stunning beauties and their eyebrows (of course).

Eyebrows: Proportioned — for Us?

Down in Mom's Basement, they've unearthed this 1963 ad for feminine protection.

After gazing on these brows, brown eyes and freckles, we kind of wish we had a moisture-proof shield ourselves.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leah Dizon Freaks Us Out

You know what's freaky? The way Japanese pop music fans can make an all-American car magazine model like Leah Dizon into a J-Pop idol, and also the way said idol starts looking like an anime character.

Dizon is "huge in Japan" but nobody we've talked to has ever heard of her (except the Blubrow reader in Japan who emailed us these photos). Maybe that's because we don't speak Japanese.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amanda Com Not Your Average Dot Com

What did we do before the interwebs?

Somehow, earlier this week, we found our way into the depths of a Portuguese photography website called Olhares, and discovered the portfolio of Amanda Com. If even you don't care a bit about women's eyebrows, you should see her work.

Note: If you don't care about women's eyebrows you are some kind of "deviated prevert," in the words of Col. "Bat" Guano.

Also note that we gave the Portuguese translator the week off and may have completely misunderstood who or what this site is all about. But don't sweat the small stuff. Just look at the eyebrows.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

England's Erin O'Connor

British model Erin O'Connor turned 30 this year. Six feet tall and still going strong (we think it's the eyebrows).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Keira Knightley Channels the Night Porter

Interview featured Keira Knightley on a beautiful blue satin sofa (at bottom) but also with gloves and suspenders. Which we like. It reminds us of Liliana Cavalli in The Night Porter. In a good way.

The First Supermodel: Lisa Fonssagrives

Self-described "good clothes hanger" Lisa Fonssagrives was born in Sweden and ended up as the original supermodel. She worked for all the great photographers of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, including Man Ray and Richard Avedon. Then she married camera man Irving Penn.

Nobody – nobody – could get away with this today:

David Seidner edited the definitive coffee-table book of her photos, and for $269 you can have a used copy.

Vintage Europorn from 1956

Cock? Check.

Tail? Check.

Cocktail? Check:

Chip Willis Captures Our Own Mood

Sometimes you need someone else to say what you're thinking or feeling.

Photographer Chip Willis is one guy who can do that for you.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alban Christ Photographs Shanna Tognarelli

Based on his photos of Massachusetts-born Austrian model Shanna Tognarelli, Alban Christ walks on water. They appeared in Vellum.

These are the kind of photos that make us stop and say: They have that?!

A scroll-down memory lane: We saw Alban Christ's interesting photo of Bellucci last fall.

Rachel Weisz Con Flick is Pro Eyebrows

We've visited with Rachel Weisz before, and now she's in a flick about some con men who try to steal her millions. So I guess it's like The Mummy meets Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It's called The Bloom Brothers.

We grabbed some hi-def captures of the lady's eyebrow action:

And we still maintain she looks better when she's not smiling:

And is it just us, or is she getting cross-eyeder by the film?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

600th Post: Announcing Our Flickr Group

Wow. This is the 600th time we've logged into Blogger's lame (but free) interface to share with you the wonderful world of women's eyebrows.

To celebrate, we're announcing the creation of a Flickr group for fans of women's eyebrows.
Click here to view the group.
Feel free to join, or just to subscribe to updates. We reserve the right to decide what constitutes a group-worthy contribution, but if you've been reading Blu's Eyebrow Blog, you'll have some idea of what we're looking for down here at Worldwide Blubrow Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the photo above is a sample of the incredible stuff you can find on Flickr, if you are patient and observant. Lovely Nikita Kashner has albums full of photos like this one...gorgeous!

See you on Flickr! Now, for the next six hundred posts...

An Eyebrow Lover's Map of the World. And a Side Boob.

Our next posting will be Blubrow's 600th contribution to making your life a better place. At times like this it's good to stop and look around and see what kind of an impact one is having on the world.

We have some data on our carbon footprint, the number of cans and bottles we've recycled, and are happy to say that, like John McCain, we're aware of the internets. But nobody cares about that crap. We think it's more important to see where we are on the map, so below is a map that shows where people have viewed our site in the last year or so.

More than 100,000 visits! Some of them from places where we didn't even know there was land.

We are proud, and we know that some day, long from now, when people are (apologies to Dr. King) judged not by the color of their skin, but by the quality of their eyebrows, we will be able to say, "We told you so!"

Meanwhile, check out the goods on this anonymous 1960s hottie (complete with side boob. Two posts in a row with side boob!).

Poland's Unpronounceable Model: Joasia Cz

Do we know how to pronounce the name of Polish model Joasia Cz?

Hell no. But then, we don't care either. We don't want to talk about her. We just want to look at her eyebrows.

Look at that neck!:

Scroll-down weekend side boob: Joasia's angling for some finger-tip side boob action, and she's getting it. Score!