Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jena Malone in Hobo Garb at Sundance

When you see a trailer for a new movie, you watch it, thinking, "Maybe there's some chick with great eyebrows in this trailer. Or at least, a chick in a bikini."

And sometimes there is. To wit: the upcoming horror flick The Ruins (in which some numbskulls in Mexico manage to get trapped on top of a pyramid used for human sacrifices and also get weird wormy things under their skin – at least, that is what the plot seems to be, based on the trailer).

And here is actress Jena Malone, who is in a bikini (check!) and appears to have good eyebrows (check!).

But as is so often the case...all is not as it appears to be...

And now a digression in the form of a little story. In New York State they have something called the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. People there call it by its initials: BOCES (pronounced BO-sees). In a lot of places, BOCES is...well, it's the short bus school. You know what I mean. The BOCES kids, well, they are differently abled.

The picture below of Jena Malone made me think of the BOCES girls. The ones who could be cute if.. well, if there weren't something obviously wrong with them.

For the full effect and more details, check out the outift Jena is sporting at Sundance on the Bastardly Fashion Rating page and enjoy the comments. My favorite is #16:
I hate this fucking girl, I want to kick her in the face and I think she should burn in hell.
And here's more of her in the bikini.

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