Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Day the Brows Stood Still: Jennifer Connelly

Recently we overheard this exchange:
"Keanu Reeves is in the remake of Day the Earth Stood Still."

"Really? Does he play the robot?"
We're afraid that's sort of what it amounts to. But do not despair, for Jennifer Connelly plays an astrobiologist (yeah, there is such a thing). And here she is in a shot or three from the hi-def trailer:

And if you don't like JC in a hazmat suit, you better check your pulse:

Scroll-down other best eyebrows on a not-believable movie scientist: Denise Richards as atomic physicist Dr. Christmas Jones in The World is Not Enough.


Elizabeth Lamanna said...

Nicole Kidman as "Dr." Julia Kelly, The Peacemaker and Elisabeth Shue as "Dr." Emma Russell in The Saint.

Blu said...

You are right, and thank you. And yet...the brows don't measure up. Alas.

Elizabeth Lamanna said...

No, definitely not. It's sauvignon blanc vs cabernet. Sure, they're both wine, but one is far more dark, nuanced, and robust. (And I'm pretty sure it gets you drunker.)