Thursday, May 29, 2008

McGinley-Inspired Sigur Ros Provides Free Song, Video, Eyebrows, More

Icelandic navel-gazing band Sigur Ros have a new song, called (appropriately) Gobbledigook. No word on whether the lyrics are in Hopelandish. Anyway, the mp3 is free to download, in exchange for your fake email address.

Also, there's a Quicktime video that goes along with it, which you can watch. It shows, as our new friends at Fleshbot put it, "skinny Calvin Klein ad dropouts." Pretty much says it all.

The good news is that they're naked, and if you squeamish types can get past the sausage parade, it features nipples and related stuff, including eyebrows. I am saving you the trouble of looking for the eyebrows, because I grabbed them as stills, which you see here.

If you want to see the nipples or penises, et cetera, you will have to watch the whole thing yourself. Watch it on the Sigur Ros site though, not on Fleshbot, where it's pixelated and whatnot. And good luck with that.

Scroll-down self-reference: The credits at the start of the video say that it was inspired by Ryan McGinley. If our loyal readers recognize that name, there's a reason for it. Is that chick Laura in the video? Meanwhile, I just liked this screen capture, so I'm sharing it:

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