Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rebecca Gayheart - A Closer Look

We mentioned Rebecca Gayheart in passing while admiring Rose Byrne. Gayheart, now in her late 30, is an American actress who pops up now and then. We liked her in the mid-'90s when she was in the sci-fi series Earth 2, which nobody remembers (the aliens gave us nightmares).

But that show was also fun because the other female leads (Debrah Farentino and Jessica Steen) had great eyebrows too. We'll get back to that. But for now, here's Rebecca, including some paparazzi topless shots.

This is a giant image (3000px from top to bottom, so fire it up, if you like a lot of Noxzema):

And as promised. Dang!

Scroll-down thing you were wondering whether we would mention: Yeah, Gayheart was yakking on her cell phone while cruising in her SUV a few years back and she didn't notice that the cars in front of her had stopped, and she swerved around them, but they were stopped for a reason which is that a 9 year old was crossing the street and she ran him over and he died. There, we mentioned it.

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