Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rose Byrne and Another "Burn" Pun

We love posting about actress Rose Byrne, because 1) she's great looking (we've never seen her actually act in anything, but we are sure she's just fine), and 2) we can make burn/byrne puns. She also kind of reminds us of Rebecca Gayheart, but way less scary.

Back in March, we also promised hi-def snaps from the trailer of her new flick, Knowing. We don't forget. We're that good.

Here you go:

Scroll-down "burn" pun: If you were hoping for high-budget special effects, give it up right now. This cap from the trailer shows that the "effects" consist of a matte painting done with a 10 year-old's Majikal Paint by the Numbers! kit. Click this image to see just how bad it really is. OK, here goes:

The city byrnes!!!

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