Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More of The Secret's Secrets

It's no secret to you, if you saw our last post with Israeli actresses Ania Bukstein and Michal Shtamler, that the film is chock full of gorgeous eyebrows.

But we maybe didn't emphasize enough how gorgeous leading lady Ania really is. Below is a large publicity still from the film's press kit. Those eyebrows are just barely within the tolerable range for Blubrow's team of experts, but they pass the test overall, and we think she's beautiful.

Rock on, ladies. Rock on...


bohemian_soul said...

what do you mean her brows barely meet the tolerable range??? Her's are beautiful.. Fuller the better

Blu said...

Bohemian Soul, at the risk of initiating a polemic, we believe for women whose brows tend to unruly bushiness, some maintenance is best. We can't tell from the photo if Ania's brows are completely natural there, or somewhat-managed. If they got any more un-managed, they'd be too chaotic for us. But that's just us. Some people say it's sacrilege to do anything to your brows, others shave them off, right?

This photo of Ania reminds us of Jennifer Connelly in that wallpaper we posted here:


Thanks for your comment.