Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alba Curviness Scandal: That's not Airbrush, That's Photoshop!

The other day we spotlighted Jessica Alba's Campari calendar, shot by Mario Testino.

Now the Daily Mail has published "leaked" photos clearly showing that that the skinny lady (who recently had a baby) isn't as skinny as she looks in the photos. Humorously, they refer to the pictures as being "airbrushed."

This reminds us of the Penelope Cruz Lashgate scandal, which we reported on a while back.

As for the photos themselves, we did some more investigating.

This one looks good...although we remember our conga drums being a little "curvier." Hmm.

This one seems ok...although our plantation shutters aren't that thin...hmmm:

OK, this is the one where they got their undies in a bundle... Before (left) and after (right):

Scroll-down politically incorrect commentary: Why is it perfectly OK to make someone's eyebrows (and lips, lashes, skin, etc.) look much better than they really are by using artificial means (make up), but not OK to do the same thing to any other part of her body using artificial means (Photoshop)?

The thing we find incredible is that her chest was barely enhanced at all. It really looks like that. Crazy.

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