Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eyebrows #1 and #2

Excuse me! Sir! Yes, you. Under the wide, flat rock! You're missing a good story. (I almost missed this part, but an eagle-eyed reader clued me in – thank you!)

The Governor of New York State has resigned, due to his patroning of a high-priced escort service. He was recorded in the service's records as "Client #9."

And here's one of his providers of $1,000/hour booty call. Ashley Alexandra Dupré. Well, that's her MySpace name. She's actually Ashley Youmans, and she's from New Jersey. But to Client #9, she was "Kristen."


Anyway, here are eyebrows #1 and #2. Wow...$500 per eyebrow-hour!:

Scroll-down woman scorned summoning up Hell's fury: Mrs. Silda Spitzer. For what the French would call une femme d'un certain âge, she's pretty good looking.

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