Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sharon Stone Scares Little Animals. And Us.

I know. "Sharon Stone is so hot! Did you see Fatal Blah Blah? You can totally see everything!"

Friends, it's time to wake up. First of all, Sharon has more Botox in her than a bottle of Clostridium botulinin does. Second, she made her eyebrows look like Klingon brows:

Also, she unabashedly believes that fur clothing is cool, even though it's stupid and pointless. And bad:

And finally, she's actually not hot. Don't believe me? Take your eyes off her pussy long enough in Fatal Blah Blah for an update:

Scroll-down tough love apology: OK, I'm sorry I made you see all that. How can I make it up to you? I still want us to be friends. What? You would forgive me if I showed you a photo of a girl with good eyebrows giving a blowjob underwater? Fine. Here:

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