Sunday, March 9, 2008

Agyness Deyn: Lighten Up, Ms. Hollins

English Model Agyness Deyn always looks so serious! We'd like to see her with a silly grin, or making funny faces or something.

Really, we don't much care. As long as the eyebrows are in view.

Scroll-down nomenclature critique: Ever notice how people with weird give names spend their lives trying to normalize them? And at the same time, people with ordinary names make their names artifically weird, hoping it will garner them more attention?

Agyness Deyn is really named Laura Hollins. What really makes that great is the quote from her mother:
There are no pretensions. What you see is what you get. She has an inner beauty, more of a sensuality than sexuality, and has never done anything unnatural to herself for the sake of her appearance. She is the epitome of clean-living.
Sorry mum, but the name is pretentious, and we're pretty sure that's peroxide on the Vogue cover...

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