Monday, March 24, 2008

Afrobella Talks Threading

I noticed a spike in visits to the blog today and went to see where all the traffic was from. Well I learned about a site called Afrobella – All Shades of Beautiful. There is a massive post on eyebrow threading, plus a ton of comments.

Nicest of all (if you're me, which I am) was a link back to my modest site. Afrobella wrote:
I also noticed that Bollywood stars, like Aishwarya Rai, have gorgeously manicured, thick, real, sexy brows. The kind that women in Indian and Middle Eastern cultures have — cultures where threading is an ancient art. I wanted strong, defined brows like that. Like the ones that gain admiration on Blu’s Eyebrow Blog (there’s a little nudity on that site, beware workplace readers).
Guilty as charged. But thank you Afrobella! You obviously know your brow business, and you have a true community of loyal readers, as indicated by the comments to your post.

Keep doing your thing, and we'll keep doing ours. And if your readers want to suggest particular women whose brows I can highlight here, I hope they will do so. I admit to a pang of guilt over the relative lack of diversity on this site. Aside from an occasional Indian or Irania woman, it's mostly white chicks, isn't it?

Well here's Trish Krishnan from Bollywood:

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