Monday, February 2, 2009

Sophie Dahl's Scandalous Ad

Here's evidence that the UK isn't Europe.

People from Europe are always commenting on how uptight America is about sexuality. The following story might have come from the US, but it didn't, it came from England. 730 complaints about the following ad were lodged with the Ad Standards Authority, and the ad was banned in Britain, on the grounds that it was sexually suggestive and offensive to women.

It's the following photo of then-23 year old Sophie Dahl.

Meanwhile, this is the same authority that received 1,100 complaints about an ad for condoms that showed the Pope wearing a crash helmet. Ha! Who's uptight now?


Thursday's Child said...

I love that ad - I remember it when it came out - I was even wearing Opium back then. I think I probably have it saved somewhere, but thank you for bringing back fabulous memories!

JJ Blu said...

You did mean to say "memories" right? Just checking!