Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tamara Ecclestone: The Paris Hilton of F1


Americans don't realize it, but the richest sport in the world is Formula I motor racing. And while redneck US fans of NASCAR and even open-wheel Indy Car racing turn their noses up at F1 the way they do at French cheese and man-purses, the fact is that the hyper-powered machines on the F1 circuit could kick an Indy Car's ass for a dime, and give you five cents change.

The Czar of Formula I is Bernie Ecclestone, a sort of half-Warhol/half-Elton Johnesque figure worth many billions of dollars. His daughter, Tamara Ecclestone, has decided that being an heiress is great fun, and gives her an excuse for being famous for being famous (but not having ever done anything). Like Paris Hilton.

At least she's got good eyebrows:

Scroll-down gratuitous fatuousness: Here's a video of Tamara doing what she does best. That is, writhing around in lingerie and high-heels. Why? Because she has nothing else to do.

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