Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Edwards, Clinton, and Eyebrows

Like all right-thinking Americans (not Right-thinking, which is different), we cast our votes for presidential candidates with care and attention. But how to decide which worthy candidate deserves our vote?

It's simple: we narrow it down according to how hot-looking the Democratic candidates' daughters are. And of course, hotness is to a great extent a function of eyebrow quality.

Behold Cate Edwards, daughter of curiously invisible candidate John Edwards (D - NC).

She's got the brows a 25 year-old future First Daughter should have. Too bad her father can't get elected. So who are we left with? I draw your attention to 27 year-old Chelsea Clinton. Yeah, sub-mental hypocrite Rush Limbaugh made fun of her (handsome devil that he is) but guess what? Chelsea got the last laugh. She looks good.

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