Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dubai Film Festival

The stars were out at the Dubai Film Festival recently. Unfortunately, we don't recognize any of them. Do you?

We did notice, however, that several of the folks there had bodacious eyebrows. And we're not just talking about the dude in the background of this photo:

No, we're talking about the two ladies, and these two, uh, ladies as well:

Even Harmid Karzai was there, with Martin Scorcese:

Anyway, once all the glitter had worn off, the best brow combo of the Festival belonged to this person, holding a poster of...herself in a by-gone era? Whatever it is, the brows are fab! We'll have her people call our people.

Scroll-down cross-legged panty-peekaboo pita-eating "blonde" du jour: At least she was wearing some.

FYI: All these photos were snapped by Iranian photojournalist Abbas. His Magnum slideshow is here. Great, intense stuff.

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