Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brows By The Book, and a Brazilian Bush. Sort Of.

On the Random House web site, there's a plug for Beautiful Brows by Nancy Parker:
How many times have you plucked, waxed, trimmed, stenciled, or penciled your eyebrows – or paid someone else to do it for you?
Well, since you asked, never. But that's not the point. Nancy Parker is the co-founder of Eyebrowz.com. There's some weird stuff going on there, but we figured in the interests of completeness, we should go on record with it.

Meanwhile, you don't just need a book – you need a "jam packed class" to become a Brow Master. A class packed full of jam sounds yummy, but wait – it's $449. We'll pass.

There's more on that site, but I got a little scared when they started in on the "hands on Brazilian waxing" class.

And believe it or not – not making this up – the instructor's name is Victoria Bush.

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