Thursday, January 10, 2008

Megan Fox: A Virus Worth Catching?

I'm far from convinced about the place of Megan Fox in the pantheon of eyebrows. I posted about her last July, and that has certainly been a very popular posting here (according to Google Analytics and Feedburner data).

Now Mashable is reporting that Megan Fox's photos are "the most viral pictures" that a cool outfit called Attributor tested for - not the most viral on the web though:
it’s just the most viral picture in the small sample of celebrity pictures from FHM and Maxim (in case you’re wondering, Megan is followed by Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Halle Berry and Lindsay Lohan). But this won’t stop us from slapping another picture of Megan right below this text for no reason. Nope, no good reason at all.
Won't stop me either. Thank you FHM.

Meanwhile, you decide if it's worth catching that particular virus, or meme, or whatever the hell the kids are calling these things nowadays.

Scroll-down bonus gossip: Here's a great comment about her nose job (and acne).

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