Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brows & Boobs, Part I

So here's the thing:
  1. We all know that a lot of fashion models cultivate a distinctive, exotic look. Being perfect is only viable for a couple of people in the industry. The rest need to look a little weird to get noticed. This is great, because an easy way to do that is to let your brows do the talking.

  2. We also know that a lot of so-called 'fashion-forward' looks entail see-through tops. That's just the way 6th Avenue likes to keep us interested. And most of us are OK with that.

  3. Finally, we are well aware that sometimes on the catwalk there's a wardrobe malfunction. The strap snaps, the zipper pops, or the tube top tumbles.
Put these three factors together and there's a measurable chance of seeing a fashion model with great eyebrows and little or no fabric above the navel.

And that's where your friendly neighborhood Blubrow blog steps in. This posting is for those of you who are eyebrow fans and afficionados of the Oops (aka the Nipslip) niche of softcore voyeurism.

Enjoy the brows and the boobs. More to come in future postings.

Click these images. They're big.

Scroll-down Cry for Help: I usually don't know the names of the models, but if you do and care to enlighten us, leave a comment.

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