Thursday, July 19, 2007

Belle Brows

There's a new contender, friends.

Camilla Belle
not only made her name perfect by dropping her last name (Routh), she made her brows perfect and at age 20 has a bright, bright future on our web site.

After modeling her US-born talent (with Brazilian genes for quality control), and leading in When a Stranger Calls, she will appear in an idiotic movie called 10,000 B.C. this year (screen cap below). But she's no stranger to the camera - her first print ad was at 9 months of age.

Brown-bag scroll-down bonus:


Zayd said...

Idiotic movie, huh? The movie was fantastic. To add to that, she is way better looking in that movie, with the blue eyes, then I have ever seen her.

Blu said...

Well it didn't get good reviews, but I don't care whether it's good or not. She's in it. Good enough for me. Thanks for the comment though!