Saturday, May 16, 2009

Maxim's List is Wrong: Fox versus Wilde

We've featured Olivia Wilde before, but it was only because she had taken a paint brush to her otherwise over-plucked eyebrows. And she was topless.

Now Maxim says the Wilde One tops their list of 2009's 100 sexiest women. The editors "can't stop drooling over her." Well maybe they need a pacifier or a bib or something, because we're sorry – but she's just not that hot. And the eyebrows? Not making the grade:

Bumped to number 2 on the list is Megan Fox, who's sporting the acuity of a bag of hammers, but at least has decent eyebrows most days:

We'll check that list again to see if there are some other noteworthy brows represented.

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