Sunday, May 24, 2009

Golf: Now Even More Dissatisfying

We don't care about golf, but if we did we'd root for Phil Mickelson. Why? Two reasons:

1. He's left-handed, and that probably means that golf courses are harder for him to play, since we assume they are all designed with right-handed players in mind, but honestly, we don't know if there's a big difference, or if at some point (like when you become professional) you are so good at golf that it doesn't matter;


2. His wife Amy Mickelson (seen here with silly hat) has pretty decent eyebrows. But now we hear she is diagnosed with cancer which obviously sucks, so since he would be our favorite golfer if we had one, she will be our favorite golfer's wife, if we had one, which we do now, and it's Amy Mickelson. We hope she fights it and wins (like Deanna Favre apparently is doing).

Good luck Amy.

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