Friday, May 29, 2009

How You Wish Your Weekend Was Starting

A reader named Cory writes from "Army hell" (whatever that is) and suggests that this model, named Paige, is "the girl next door, but with awesome eyebrows."

Who are we to disagree with someone with access to munitions? And anyway, Cory is right about the eyebrows. Cory then adds:

"Your bra party posts are the best ones. Did you make that up, or is [sic] bra parties something girls actually do?"

Cory, if one of our readers wants to answer by leaving a comment (tweeze) on the site, they are free to share what they know. For our part, we have a job to do (gathering the world's best eyebrows and sharing them here) and we do it. In that way, we're a lot like you Army folks. But without the munitions, or weapons of any kind (save for our rapier wit).

Scroll-down joke that we know better than to make: Rapier?! We hardly know her!

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