Monday, May 18, 2009

Nine Equals Four Minus Two

Yeah, so we didn't major in math, big deal. But we're right about this headline. How so?

The feature film Nine debuts soon and we previewed the trailer. The plot: All That Jazz meets A Chorus Line. It included the names of at least three stars we've featured on Blu's Eyebrow Blog before. Between the six ladies, four eyebrow are strong, but two are missing. Hence our math.

First, sub-mental conspiracy theorist Marion Cotillard appears, with the brows looking comme çi–comme ça:

Next, ever-browful Penelope Cruz appears:

And finally, stalwart icon Sophia Loren beams and gleams – but her once-proud eyebrows are no longer in evidence. She still has more x-factor (if less Max Factor) than the rest of the cast combined.

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