Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Only in Paducah

So you may not know this, but we have an entire division of Worldwide Blubrow that does nothing but manage a group on Flickr, called Women's Eyebrows. That's right. 24/7.

They brought the following to our attention. Here's the caption:
Monkey Eyebrow Road sign, Ballard County Route 473, Kentucky, December 2008: Route 473 runs between Kevil on U.S. Route 60 west of Paducah through Ballard Wildlife Management Area (a duck-hunting swamp just south of the Ohio River). There is no road sign at Monkey's Eyebrow, but it lies between the swamp and the next rise on the road. The nearest post office is at Bandana (pop. 140, zip code 42022), at the intersection of Routes 473 and 358.
Meanwhile, that Flickr group has 200 photos in it, so check it the hell out.

Here's a link to the photo in the wild. Pretty awesome.

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