Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something Something Zlodziejka Something

At Worldwide Blubrow we do a lot of things. We take out the trash, we chat with the UPS guy, we even sharpen pencils manually, not with one of those job-killing automatons that people euphemistically call "electric pencil sharpeners."

But we don't speak Polish.

So when these photos fell off a truck and into our blog, all we knew for sure was that they included the label "Zlodziejka" as part of their filenames.

We went to PLFOTO and did a szukaj for "Zlodziejka" and got some great results. But we don't know if they're from the same person who took these shots, which we love. In fact, we don't even know if one person took all three of these.

Whatever. We'll make it a tag, and wait for some generous Poli-glottal (get it?) reader to set us straight.

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