Saturday, January 24, 2009

Carnaval Is On Its Way

We told you how our mind works. And after thinking about Rio some more, we realized something: Carnaval is exactly four weeks away. We think. On Sunday, February 22 the Sambadrome will be buzzing and the party will be on.

So we thought we'd share some fun images from Carnaval 2008. Yes, there are always the eyebrows...and yet there is also so much more.

This lady didn't let the fact that her costume was falling off deter her from smiling and having fun. True Carnaval spirit!

Of course, the best way to ensure that your bra doesn't detach itself mid-samba is to forego the bra and just go with the body paint:

Even if we can't tell what the hell it's made out of or what it's supposed to look like, at least this bra is in place and intactnice eyebrows too!:

And finally, there's some point at which even a custom-made Carnaval bra cannot be made to fit adequately. At that point, just dance to the rhythm and enjoy the party:

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