Monday, February 22, 2010

Amy Williams: The Skeleton Has Eyebrows

There's a crazy-ass winter sport that only surfaces in the public consciousness during the Olympic Games (which is now). Racers throw themselves down face first on a cookie sheet that quickly reaches some ungodly speed approaching 100 mph. If they live, they can earn Olympic gold – like today's featured athlete, Great Britain's Amy Williams. We saw her interviewed and immediately disliked her, but she gets credits for having the only decent eyebrows we've seen in the Games so far.

There was some controversy over whether her helmet was within the regulations, but the truth is, nobody really gives a good goddamn. For better or worse, the sport is already forgotten until the next winter Olympic Games.

Scroll-down honest outburst: Congratulations, Amy. You goddamned cheater!


bold natural brows said...

Wait until you see South Korean figure skater Kim Nu-na.. not overly thick, but nice shape..

JJ Blu said...

Word up!! Thanks for the tip.