Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pre-Brows from Palm?

We got pretty excited the other day when we saw an ad for the hot new gadget (maybe), the Palm Pre. Why? Was it because of the clever slide-out keypad? The sleek black finish? The iPhone-like interface?

No. It was because the phone in the ad was in the middle of searching on the string: "blu."

But the best it could find was some asshole with a fake Silicon Valley phone number, named Michael Bluth. We sent it off to Research, but they are attending something called "AVN" in Vegas – some kind of computer research conference we guess – so we googled it instead. Turns out Michael Bluth is a character from a TV show. Whatever.

We sent the ad off to the Art Department and asked them to show us how it would really look if we had this phone and searched for "blu." They got it right.

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