Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blu in the Twittersphere

We use Tweetdeck to keep up with Twitter. Actually, we don't look at it that much – although we love our followers! (We're @blubrow if you're interested – and we follow you back!)

Anyway, something called TwitScoop shows a tag cloud of terms which are "trending" at that moment among Twitterers. And lo and behold, the other day we saw our name!

A hearty Huzzah! went up in the Board room at Blubrow HQ, but then we clicked through to see what the Twittersphere was saying about us. Alas, people were just bitching about Blu-ray.

Oh well. We consoled ourselves with a photo of Manuela Arcuri's ass.

Scroll-down Freudian un-slip: Did we say "ass"? We meant "eyebrows."


Thursday's Child said...

Aww, don't feel too bad. I tweeted about you yesterday and recommended you to a friend who had just gotten into eyebrows! Spreadin' the love!

JJ Blu said...

TC, you made our day (ok, night)! Thanks. Your tweets already make us blush, and that's when you're not even talking about us...Anyway, thank you!