Thursday, January 1, 2009

Suicide Girl: Delancey (and New Blog Design)

Happy New Year, eyebrow fans.

We scheduled this posting weeks ago so we wouldn't have to wake up and use teh interwebs too soon after midnight on the first day of 2009.

We have also changed around our blog design. It's still undergoing a lot of tweaks, so bear with us. Mostly we wanted three columns instead of two, so not everything was at the very bottom of an interminably-scrolling right hand column. Feedback is welcome!

Meanwhile, let's start 2009's survey of the eyebrow landscape...

Suicide Girl Delancey not only has fine eyebrows, she also looks like she would be a fun party date (on New Year's Eve or any eve, for that matter) so we're putting her at the head of the queue for another exciting year's worth of quality eyebrow blogging.

Let the games begin!

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