Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brows Gone Wild: True Amateurs

With this posting, I'm instituting what I hope will be a regular (but maybe not frequent) type of posting – the "MySpace-style-inadvertent-but-essentially-representative-slutty-silly-dopey-chicks" posting.

That is, I admit, unwieldy at best, so we'll just go with: Brows Gone Wild!

If you happen across any snapshots of sorority chicks, high school volleyball teams on sleepover road trips, cheerleaders gettin' funky, you know – girls with great eyebrows doing something they're going to wish they had not done when a camera was present – send 'em my way and I'll share.

These two brunettes will give you an idea of what we're after here...

Oh, and if they have the date and time stamp, like the photo above, so much the better. It adds that ineffable something that just screams, "I still have AOL!"

Scroll-down technicality: There's clearly a nipple emerging to the viewer's left, so we have to tag this with Nude.

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