Sunday, June 22, 2008

Legacy Indeed: Jordana Brewster

We just scanned some fan mail and were happy to receive a message from a fan we'll call "T," who reminded us of a glaring and (frankly) embarrassingly inexcusable omission from Blu's Eyebrow Blog:

Jordana Brewster!

Duh. Of course we've seen her, and have always loved the brows. But how is it we never showcased her here? We'll start making up for it now, at T's suggestion and with a photo he used as an example of her eyebrows' quality:

Scroll-down legacy admit: As far as we know, Jordana (who famously banged Mark Wahlberg and later Derek Jeter) is not related to Punky, but her grandfather was none other than Yale University president (and American diplomat) Kingman Brewster, Jr. Guess where she went to college?

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