Monday, June 23, 2008

Photographer Sabine Schoenberger

Some of German photographer Sabine Schoenberger's photos are interesting because of their composition, others for their hyper-saturated pre-Raphaelitiness, and a few, just because of the eyebrows:

Scroll-down machine translation: I wanted some bio on the artist, and since her site is in German (which I have trouble with, ahem), I ran it through the Google translator. This was a big help. Here is the result:
In their pictures the photographer met the man in his innermost being. It looks good, untouched in the creature - but the dark shadow side of human existence. The enormous range of individuality also requires a variety of range of options. Accordingly secure various means of expression maßgescheiderte individual pictures of each mood situations, fantasies and wishes. The basic Inspriation their pictures goes beyond the purely visual presentation, and tries to motifs in the symbolic level of principle to enshrine laws.

The "landscapes" of their enchanted worlds sees it as habitats where dreams grow. As places to accommodate the foundations for healthy growth Kreativtät and imagination.

Gladly, the photographer commissioned work in the field:

Portrait, wedding, fashion - and act.

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